By Dada Adetomiwa 19 months ago

FALLEN IThe vultures that kills


The vultures that kills,

cold venom eludes its beak,

Falcons of dreams shred yonder,

skin ooze with tamed,

stewed with poisoned


The peacock shone its beauty,

on this journey to become,

Forked tongue wrinkled its beauty,

dark cobra prevailing against,

we hear cry of hullabaloo in the air


the royal falcon,

dead in his unachieved purpose,

the heaveans wails,

the river bleed pus,

seasoned with salt


FALLEN II: In ghostly sileence


In ghostly silence,

impetuous manners,

chronicling the deep of night,

scouting for defense


like a recoiling serpent,

in the swirling cloud of dust,

Palm film and single shaft,

of sunlight and moon,

make them glow as incarnated gods


as nightingale dawn call,

skillful imitation,

from whistling of soft sounds,

sprang eagerly to vulture


they are master,

a jaunty,

tossed of duck caked curls,

they master's: of arts,

with their sucrigle aroumd chest



there passion drenched,

their spirit weaeried,

exhaustive to the smeell of loathsome,

fierce eye of honeygold burns


'Eba mi pe jagun jagun,

ejo epe jagun jagun,

ko wa le o'


FALLEN III: Tell the fallen

tell the fallen,

there story will be written,

Okonkwo should hold his machette,

Okigbo of Idoto,

with his bell and gong,

to cry to our ear


tell the fallen,


selfless needy,

that we're writing,

on the papyrus,

with ink,

on the reed,

with lead


tell the fallen,

that we shall write,

of them,

those unfulfilled word,

the pain and joy,

will be drawn on scarlet,

there fall is'nt fallen yet.

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