By Dada Adetomiwa 12 months ago

We laughed at him,

the hungered eye,

fool-man with itching fingers,

that could see farther than all,

we call him:

missionary, revolutionary and visionary,

including all the naries that plague peace

But we didn't ask him,

why he came


With his nails he cuts his eye,

scraped the crust,

peeled off his priceless patina of rest & dormant,

fury of his damned pond,

broken into a cataract of blood,

yet we laughed at his screams,

the fool-man who would see what eyes are forbidden to see


Our fool-man ,

always against our blindness, you know!

our quiet sober blindness

For his pain: a churning, abundant and cascading blindness

behind the Congo river of blood,

Yet he sat cozy at the backline,

gazing at our fault


In the rainstorm of blows lossed,

the wild avenging demons drummed free,

from the silence of the drum house,

without knowing what will follow.


We sought by laughter to drown his anguish,

until this day,

at height noon,

his screams turned suddenly to hymns of ecstacy,

Now we knew his pain had risen brain,

and we took pity on him,

the poor fool-man as he held last breath "My Lord"


For now we know,

the rain has soaked the stalwarst,

flute stall is broken,

soaked the two sided walls,

the music pot shattered,

when they bring dance to,

Who will dance for us?,

they bring home battle,

who will fight for us?

For it's he who we call,

again and again


Has the market square swallow him?

for its him we're searching,

Has the bile of scorpion eaten him,

For it's him we're searching,

the one who we call,

again and again


For whom we're searching!,

for whom we're searching!,

It's him :who has the gong,

The bell in his mouth,

he who has the 'issue'

between his palms,

at the jet of his finger


Have you seen him,

For him we're searching?

If Osimiri has swallowed him,

tell him to vomit him,

for he has our case to plea

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