By Bolaji Seyi 6 months ago




One of the most powerful word in the world is love. As humans, if we must live well, we must acknowledge the existence, application, contribution, distribution, and exhibition of true love. You are not alone, there are so many people in the world, love them and be kind to them. Don't live life as though the lives of others doesn't matter to you. Every human is important, every being needs love. Remember that you are not the only one on planet earth. What are you doing for others? Are you showing them love or making them regret why you are existing. 



If only one person could live in this world, and be happy, and be comfortable then there wouldn't have been any need to have different people on earth. We have different people, so it means, we must interact. What am I saying, you need people, and people need you. What is life if others can't feel our impact while we ought to support and care for them. How many people can look at you and genuinely smile because you have showed love to them, because you have cared for them at one point or the other. 


The question again is, how many people can look at you and say, this person has contributed to my life or my successes or this person demonstrates true love. It's not just about living, it's more than that, we need to live, love and leave some messages, some ideas and other things in the lives of people around us. Make sure you show love to every being that comes your way. What are you living for. If only people don't need people then you would have been the only being on earth. Think about it, someone somewhere needs you. Go now and reach out to that person, show love and be sincere to people.



In reaching out to others, you need to give. In giving, you don't have to be a billionaire. Giving is not all about money. That little act of kindness is enough, that show of love can serve, that time and attention can also serve. Sometimes, just the little sacrifices we offer, that commitment and dedication could mean so much to others. Just listening to some people can also serve. You can pray for people around you. You can guide them, you can teach them. Everything is not money. Reach out in any way you can. People need people. Someone needs you. You need someone.


How best would we have lived if this is a true world and we are truthful to ourselves. A true world of love, peace, and joy. Let's live as one people that we ought to be, one blood, one nation and be true to ourselves and love genuinely. There is nothing as great as true love, it binds us, it makes us, it unites us and we are stronger with love. Love all, people need to feel your impact while you live. Don't hold back, share love show love and practice love. A world of love, not for some but all. A world of love and not wars. Love genuinely.



Bolaji Seyi (Seyiwryte)

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