By Archwealth gates 11 months ago

The most selfless LADY I've ever known,

She is indeed our MOTHER Theresa.


SHE is a paragon of virtue,

There is no deficiency of potential in her.


A woman in her prime is what I'll call her,

Because she is the real definition of boss lady.


I've never seen her embark on an epic battle,

But I've watch her take down threats that comes her way,

That’s why I refer to her as a Valliant warrior.


She paints the world with sparks like a rainbow smiled upon by the rain.


With her captivating smile she is absolutely the epitome of beauty,

Because her enchanting physiognomy is something you cant find anywhere.


Her heart is as irresistible as coral seated beneath the sea.


Where ever you see her, tell her please that she's the pride of the world.


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