A Short Note On How To Become A Rich Pastor Every Sunday

By Aniebiet Effiong 2 months ago

Are you a Pastor? Called or not called? It shouldn't be an issue for you. Nigerians don't care about it, just give them the prosperity sermon and ask them to scream a thunderous amen. They will scream it. Even if its fifty times per minute. Are you that Nigerian Pastor? Then this work is for you. Read carefully. This article might show you how to escape poverty, after all you were not called to be poor. 

Pastorship is one of the most revered profession in Nigeria nowadays, though common. As a Pastor who has a white collar around your neck, no one will boldly stand before you to question what you say (whether good or bad), else the leprosy of the biblical Miriam comes upon him or her. That's how the Nigerian God works.

As I was saying, as a Nigerian Pastor, you can make up to 200 thousand Naira every Sunday. You don't need to wonder how this works. There are many ways of cajoling your congregation into emptying their pockets into yours. One of those ways is looking for a project and asking them to support the project with their token. Land or building project for God would be okay. If there is a place a Nigerian can buy his blessings from, it is the church. By telling them the project, you've started buying their hearts. But, don't forget one thing. Your talking ability. It is important for this. You don't need extra training on how to convince. To become a Nigerian Pastor you must be a convincing type.

To further prepare the minds of your gullible congregants, tell them God has a need. They'll be wondering what the need of a God who has everything could be. Using a good sound system, use this opportunity to tell them that God needs a house. Yes, a dwelling place. Narrate stories of people of the Bible who built houses for God and how God blessed them. Stories like; that of Nehemiah who built the walls of Jerusalem - that of Solomon who built God a temple. These stories will make good evidence to what God can do when you build him a house. It is one of the things they want to hear.

Also, tell them that God spoke to you, and that He said that their blessings and prosperity is solely dependent on the money in their pockets and account. Don't smile o! Tell them that as they help in building God a house, God will also stand in heaven to build theirs on earth. They'll chorus amen. They'll be happy. This is the kind of prayers they need.

Next, irrespective of the size of your congregation, you can now call on the first 20 people to bring 5,000 naira to the altar. Make them believe that the blessings are limited. Quote strong bible verses like that verse that says 'he that sows sparingly shall reap sparingly...' Much people may not come out, but that's how to start. Keep calculating the number of people coming in your head by 5,000 naira. 20 people will make 100 thousand Naira.

You can now reduce the amount to something like 2,000 Naira. Tell them you need only 40 people. Tell them to rush down else the blessings will finish. Keep saying things like, ' yes, God bless you sir. God bless you ma...' Don't forget your target for the day. I believe you must have crammed all bible verses that talk about giving in your head. Say them. Don't stop saying them.

You can reduce again to 1,000 naira. By estimation, you need just 20 people. Your head should serve as a good calculator. Calculate fast and, unnoticeably.

Lastly, tell them to bring whatever they have. Tell them to forget about what they'll eat at home. After all God will provide. Tell them not to think of how they'll fare home, after all, God will make a way. Is he not the one that made a way in the wilderness? Quote that verse that tells of how a woman offered out her last meal to Jesus. I think it is in Matthew or Luke. You are believed to be a Pastor. You should know these things. Many will ransack their pockets to bring out their last penny. That's how gullible Nigerians have become. Ask them to stand as you bless them. You can decide any posture for them. Maybe to stretch forth their hands as you pray for them.

Isn't it rewarding to become a Nigerian Pastor?

You can do this again in the next two Sundays to come. Note. You are not subjected to any question regarding the previous donations. They'll keep giving for the Lord blesses a cheerful giver.

With all these, your loyal congregants will always defend you anywhere they find themselves. Their Daddy is always right. Their Papa has never told a lie. He is infallible.

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