A Race Of Time

By Olatunde Fadipe 7 months ago

It's a mid day here

Sandy,dusty and hot

Typical of an African harmattan noon

The irritant and noise pollutants

In their thousand doing their normal runs

Every four years is their time

Hope and dreams are hidden in the gowns


It's mid day here

But somewhere it's midnight

And another place it's just a Dawn of a new era

It just a race of time

Where a behind like moving slowly

Like a smoky rickety automobile


The call it campaign

It just a time to deceive 

Create an impression of hope


Far away on the mountain

Hyneas and cultures are gathering

Creating a dual chamber in the midst of stones

Discussing the future of a dying state

The Dogs and the Baboons

Are neither friends nor enemies

There's no permanent friend nor enemies in the looking game.


It's mid day here

Mid night somewhere 

And new Dawn somewhere

But where are far behind

It's just a race of time.





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