By Adetayo Omotoyosi Adeolu 7 months ago

The Yoruba cultures hold within it powerful words, rhythms and strong proverbs that rebukes and at the same time draws you back to it. Teni N Teni slow but sonorous best reminds one of the Yoruba films and cultures which was popularly propagated by the Late. Chief Hubert Ogunde. The Poet, Yusuf is a mastery of the Yoruba culture, words and proverbs different from the ones in Lagos here. He begins by acknowledging the Elders before introducing himself. That is not popular these days, especially among the educated or Lagos Yourba citizens. This very act demonstrated by Yusuf can only be done by a well groomed and true son of the Yoruba land. Yusuf unleashed his first attack on the supposed educated elites with focus on the Yoruba Sons that have chosen to neglect their origin which is mostly traditional. Mostly because of their newly found religion, he asked why suddenly the parents that groomed these men are now scornfully looked at because they worship their traditional gods. This part of his message or rant if you like is a call to action for Yoruba Sons and Daughters to come back to tradition they once despised. He wondered why the white men that brought the modern religion to us spend lots of money to buy those carved portraits and if they were not useful. The black man is source of his own problem because he d... read more

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