A Pauper At 58

By Joshua Akachi 10 months ago

A Pauper At 58

Down the street, in abject poverty, lives a man, frail, too weak for his years and wretched.

History tells us tales of princes becoming beggars, the wealthy becoming wretched, owing to lavish, and unwise spending. His is an enjambment of subtle, politically instigated sorcery and friendly fire.

Truly a man's enemies are those of his household;

Our beloved old man who was born with a silver spoon amidst massive wealth and glory, lost his parents at an early age, leaving him with uncles, who not only seized his Father's will, but locked him out of every good thing.

A great slide downwards;

At a tender age, he began his journey to political foster homes, to parents who never treated him as their own blood. Each foster parent, treating him worse than the last.

Years came by, our once charming little prince, became shabbier than the shabbiest kids in town.


Perhaps, he was too young and inexperienced to fight for his right, now he is of age, with a horrible past and foggy future, is there any redemption for this old man?

His wealth and belongings lie in the hands of "Uncles", sinister, cruel, described by every negative word......

Who'll seek justice for him?

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