A Mistake

By Ubong Johnson 7 months ago

Daddy Tayo with his teeth, dug deep into the apple in his right hand, itsjuices dripping down his face. Mummy Tayo was seated right beside him, ready to amplify whatever things he said. Uncle Kola, Tayo's elder brother, and  Bisi, his younger sister were seated together on the large sofa opposite mummy. Tayo was the only one standing. For a moment, he wished the earth opened up and swallowed his shameful body. 


“Yes, Tayo, what did you say happened?”, daddy sputtered, still concentrating on his apple. 

Everyone knew that, daddy ought to be feared most in times when he acted like he didn't care.


..“. Are you deaf? C'mon answer your dad's question now before I break your head,” mummy concurred...


Tayo, weakened by fear could not say anything. He tried to answer, but could not get the words out. He felt his legs quiver, and could feel litres of sweat drain from his skin. Seeing him that way, one could think he just got out of the bathroom. No, he was only in the bad-room.


His eyes were fixed on his little sister who kept looking at him in disgust. Thoughts of beating hell out of her or better still, scrubbing the floor with her face raged in his mind. 


“. Daddy, I don't know how it... happened....” Tayo burst into tears while trying to explain...


Mummy Kept barking at him. “You don't know what? What? Hian! this boy, you are really a disgrace to us. You've hembarassed this family..”

‘Yesterday’, mummy continued, “Papa Favor came to the house. He came with Favor. Her tummy looked like an inflated balloon. Favor said you put the balloon in her stomach.”


“Chai! Young men of nowadays” Uncle Kola said, shrugging. He paused for a moment, trying to kill a fly that perched on his mouth. 

“So you go about inflating people's stomachs?

The world has finally come to an end. Chei, no fear anymore. No need. So tell me, how many times did you do it?”


Tufia! Mummy seized the conversation once more. “He's only 16years old o, only!. I wonder what transported him into a woman's legs. Now he's telling me that he doesn't know. He doesn't know what? Tayo? What don't you know? ”


Tayo stood there thinking. He kept thinking about all the times his friends gingered him to do it; to sleep with favour. 

“You be very sly man, just run that girl. She like you die, e no go hard for you to spin am”


It was his first time, and now, he's getting scolded for sex he didn't enjoy. 

“And that Favor girl sef, she didn't hesitate to contact my parents” he thought. 


Several minutes had passed, and he was still the only man standing. The entire family had taken turns in telling him how useless he was to them. 


‘Ahem’, daddy coughed, signaling everyone to keep shut. He was now eating his third apple. In less than three seconds, he spoke. 

“Go inside your room, pack your bags and leave my house. You're no longer a part of this family. Whatever you choose to do with that bastard of yours is left in your hands”


After he said this, he left the sitting room for the kitchen. He went in there to pick up his sharp machete. 


“Puhleeeaase, please, Daddy Tayo, don't do this to us.” The entire community became filled with the sounds of Mummy Tayo's begging. 

Mummy didn't want this. She only wanted Tayo to be punished severely. This particular punishment was way too severe.


Bisi began to cry too. Tayo was her favorite. On days when she had no transport fare, Tayo would spare her some. 


Too late, daddy already lost his ears. He came out of the kitchen panting heavily, a machete in his hand. “Where is that good for nothing bastard?”

Mummy fell on her knees, clinging to his wrapper.  “Daddy Tayo please.. ” 


Tayo knew the kind of man his father was. He ran away from home to go spend several nights under the bridge close-by. 

The sounds of mummy's begging kept hunting him as he ran. 





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