A Mile Ahead

By Ubah Kingsley Emylite 11 months ago

A Mile Ahead 


I wish I could 

Say all in my heart 


But am so sorry 

They are not  living 


If you can hear me now 

Then am glad 


For your future is destined 

To be written in history 


For I have 

Got a thousand words to say 


Right now 

You're hearing the future 


The voice that comes 

From the inner soul 


Where no error exist 

Neither do tree's wither off their leaves 

And leave the branches naked 


I wish I could 

Pass on this insight 


But am limited 

To this miles ahead 


It's time to seek the branches 

And water the root 


Its life 

And when it is life 

It's fun 



It's true 


Let me take a turn 

Let's forgive and be reborn 


For without these 

We live our tomorrow in the past 


Hasten up and say no more 

For without them you'll see heaven 



It's true 



For in this journey of miles 

We still got tomorrow left 


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