A Lonely Coast

By Abasiakara Monday 8 months ago

Aiming at the bright sky at noon

Catching memories of you and I

Time cries because I won't see you soon

I wish you were still here to make me feel alive


The gloomy waters laughed at my predicament

It seems the life guard wasn't doing his job

He couldn't see I was wearing a lonely garment

Because he wasn't even there at the top


I danced with the cool wind 

With my hands well stretched apart

I could feel you each time I checked our last seen 

All these on my mind spawned a broken heart


I laid down on the dusty white sand

Watching the birds hover around the sun

My skin wasn't protected I wasn't tanned

So as I laid right there my skin burned


I looked at the clouds but I wasn't in cloud nine

Because you did weathered the storm

I laid there as if it was a come rain or shine

I needed to get over this and be in a good form


You've got me obsessed about you

I need you back, please come back to me

I don't know what else I can do

To make things normal as there should be

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