A Letter To The Twelve Years Old Me

By Nana Hauwa 20 months ago

Dear Nana,

I know you can't wait to grow up,you can't wait for everybody to stop treating you like a child,you can't wait to be a senior in school,you can't wait to stop feeling so helpless like you can't even do anything on your own,like you have zero experience about life,I know you can't wait to go out into the world. But I want to tell you,that you are going to miss it so much like you wouldn't believe,that you are going to wish to go to the times when you were young when life gets tough and difficult. Its true what the adults say that it doesn't get easier,that the world will knock you down and break you into pieces, that life will suck you dry and that people will expect you to handle it all just because you're not a little girl anymore. I'm not saying growing up is all bad,there will be good times too,growing up can be fun,but a little bit of advice, don't be so eager to grow up,enjoy these moments that you've got,take it all in,try new things, listen to your mom,don't trust boys and remember life is not a race.

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Nana Hauwa
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