A Letter To The One He Kept For Me

By Mukami kuria 21 months ago

Hi love,

As I write you this you are probably watching today's news broadcast or maybe taking a late dinner.I hope you are happy, I hope your day  had good things to look back to as you wind up your day.I had a good day too.I thought about you as I often do and probably that is why am writing this.It exciting to think that a person like you exists and to know I'll one day have you in my life is a thought that brings a smile on my face.I pray for you,not as consistently as I would love to but often.I await a man who is amazing but still flawed so I pray that God prepares my heart to love you in your brokenness.I am quite a task too😁and probably some situations you go through,have gone through or will go through is to prepare you for when we finally meet.Be Keen to learn it will come in handy. I wonder where you are at in this month of love,did you go to mens conference?😁 don't worry we will have enough valentines to look forward to.Am am a work in progress,  I am striving daily to become a better person for myself and for you too.I want to be everything that you ask God for I know you two are really close and am very okay coming second in your life😊.I love to sing,I can't wait for the duet we are going to have or maybe I be the only one singing either ways I know we are going to be happy.we just have to learn all the lessons at the stage we are now.I hope you are a listener I can be quite chatty I'll have alot to share with you.Oh I don't like chocolates but I loooove ice cream.A few weeks ago someone asked why am single then went ahead to ask what kind of a man I would want I described you and the guy said you must be describing a person you already have in your life .Interesting, isn't it? It's who I pray for that God may make you that which you are not already are and that which you are,that you may even be better.I pray you've hidden your heart in Christ and that you continuously seek Him. In that environment you will find joy and a love so great that you will learn how to love yourself and how you will love me.I have alot to tell you I'll probably write to you again soon.Be kind and remember am worth waiting for.

With love,

The one he kept for you.

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Mukami kuria
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