A Letter To Nigeria

By Ariah Williams 3 months ago




Oh that the tears of your past heroes

Shall echo in the ears and

beat in the heart of your millenials,

Your patriots and stalwarts that

Walk on this land,this moment.


That they may see through the stipends

that will be waved before them this day.

That they may courageously submit their 

fingerprints in hopes that they win your


restore your lost glory and build you to full

potential for four years ahead and ages



That soul brothers be no more enemies.

That "this game" that 

the "masters" brought to us

be no more important than humanity.


May they give no ear to drunks

who exploit you.

May they be no more brainwashed by 

greedy Morons who never get filled.

That your streets be no more littered

with bodies in pool of blood.

That the poor gets no more poorer

And the rich gets no more richer.


Where shall be our "one nation bound in

freedom,peace and unity"

If brotherhood turned into cacuses of


Or perhaps,have they erred?

Chasten them with the voice of reason and

let truth nurture their consciousness that 

they beware! Of their choice.


May they no longer eat their own words:

"I pledge to Nigeria my country,

 To be faithful,loyal and honest.

 To serve Nigeria with all my strenth

 To defend her unity,

 And uphold her honour her honour and   glory,

 So help me God."


May your Patriots remember,

Meditate and live up to their words.

That the labours of your past heroes

Be not in vain.


And finally,Fatherland,

May this land not hear the weeping of


May their tears not flood your face

For their sons and daughters who went out

To serve you this day.

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