A Letter From A Dead Husband

By Frank Olunga Khange 2 months ago

My eyes have never dried,

You know the circumstances that lead to my departure,

The pain and the torture,

Seeing you suffer,

Take heart dear one.


Now you are the laughing stock,

And your life's a hard rock,

The grave is my prison,

And the reason for your suffering,

You are a young widow,

And my children are orphans.


It hurts deep in my heart,

That I will never touch our baby,

Or even print a mere kiss,

Forgive me for leaving,

When I promised to be there forever.


Relatives rejected you,

Before my grave could dry,

Now I'm helpless,

Watching in tears,

Take heart dearest.


One day I will come back,

like the moving wind.

One day I will come back,

like the scorching sun.

One day I will come back,

like the moonless night.

One day I will come back,

like a sweet endless dream.



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