A Joke Too Costly

By Obidigwe Christy 8 months ago

Malta was always fond of making faces at every thing and every one, from his neigbors to the road side vendor. All he needed was a response he didn't like and the next thing you'd get is a face and a rude one at that. Malta's neighborhood didn't have water and they had to go a borehole three streets away to get water. But all that was to change soon.

A wealthy neighbour moved in and in no time, a borehole was drilled and about three taps installed within a couple of weeks. This neighbor in particular had a dog and a ferocious looking one at that. Malta always made faces at the dog whenever he went to fetch water, and would laugh whenever the dog was pulled back by its chain or hindered by the door of the posh wooden structure that housed it. 

One fateful day, Nath; the owner of the dog, got the dog hooked to its chain as he usually did in the mornings, but for some unknown reason, the chain didn' t relate well with the leather belt strapped on the dog's neck. 

Malta came to fetch water and as usual, made faces at the dog, the dog took an unusual leap and just like lightning it broke loose. 

Dogs are known to have good memories, and this dog had long kept Malta in mind. With clenched teeth and a murderous look on its face, it headed for Malta.

Malta forgot his cans and buckets and took off, the dog at his heels. He screamed as he ran, forgetting to call out for help...

Godwin chewed away at his kola but, wishing secretly that someone would buy his remaining set of magazines, when he saw Malta run past like mad man with a bull dog at his heels. And although he gaped at the sight, no one told him to scuttle for safety. 

By the time, Nath's security men  had gotten hold of the dog, the damage had been done. 

Malta moved around on clutches for the next three months. No one told him ever since not to make faces anymore. Any time he saw the dog, his expression seemed to say; 

"Abeg, bros, na joke I dey o that day o."

And the dog would growl, its expression saying;

"Bros, me ma, that day na joke I dey. No vex, for the broken legs."

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