A Day To Remember

By Obidigwe Christy 22 months ago

It was a monday,  and the bank was crowded. Everyone there had one transaction or the other to carry out.  Melisa was one of the tellers at the customer care department.  Slim ,quiet and always calm,  she handled one task after the other.  It was a monday morning, there was nothing about it that would predict what would happen an hour later... 

She had just addressed an oral complaint made by a customer and was making a modification form entry into the system,  when she heard someone greet her.  It was a male's...

She always heard greetings while at her job and always returned them without looking up most times.  She usually spent more time listening and then making entries.  She was slightly puzzled when no one spoke and concluded that the person had walked away...

A minute later...

"I  am sorry,  if i am bothering you but please I need your assistance. "

Melisa paused and looked up to find the most beautiful, piercing eyes she had ever seen staring right into hers.  She shook off the immediate impact it had and sounded as formal as possible. She gave the needed assistance and gave him directions on which office to go to.  He thanked her and walked away. Melisa combined his action with the psychological activity of flinging what just happened outside the window. 

Twenty minutes later...

"Thank you for your assistance."

Came the strangely familiar male voice she had heard some minutes earlier.  Much against her wish,  she looked up and forced a smile.  He wasn't smiling, he had this grave, sober piercing look that seemed to lock up melisa's attention and it took the interruption of another customer to jolt her back into reality.  She forced a smile once more and turned her attention towards the elderly lady who needed her attention. She did her best to forget what just happened . Just as she was getting ready to submit her reports for the morning to the manager,  her nephew called, bringing back painful memories and an anger that made her despise the funny meeting she had earlier on.  He needed her help and was outside the bank.  Melisa sought a brief permission and rushed out to meet with him.  The news he came to give was not a good one,  her sister was in a critical condition. 

Two hours later... 

Melisa was running beside her sister's still form lying on a stretcher.  Just as they came into the emergency unit, a doctor came out to receive them.  Melisa halted as she saw the man who had greeted her at the bank hours earlier.  In the process,  her hand bag got caught in the moving stretcher and pulled her along.  She was on heels and couldn't control herself as the heel along with her foot bent in the process.  Whilst battling the pain it caused,  Melisa could not control the way she walked and she found herself limping like a half bent cripple whilst her bag dragged her along for the next few seconds.  Melisa wished the ground would split open and swallow her up.  This was just embarrassing.  As the nurses helped set her free, she made to lean on a nearby chair when its arm broke off and she went right down with it.  Gritting in pain,  she closed her eyes in embarrassment as she was helped up. Just as she did so,  she tried to hold unto the nearest counter. A run away thief ran into that section of the hospital, shooting sporadically.  Melisa was the nearest to the point of entry and he quickly grabbed her as his victim.  The police who were after him sorrounded the entire building , and the ensuing gun shots  got every one on the floor,  except the thief and poor melisa.  

Melisa was shocked and dumb founded as the thief threatened with the gun to her neck.  Still battling the pain,  Melisa tried to think and noticed the fallen chair arm on the counter next to them.  Without thinking,  she seized it with her left arm and aimed for the head of the thief. He was faster and dodged it.  The blow came straight to her head and she screamed in the process.  Just as the thief moved away in self defence,  one of the police men shot him on his arm , causing him to drop the gun,  whilst the police pounced on him.  Melisa lay on the floor crying in pain and embarrassment .

An hour later... 

Melisa looked away as she lay on the bed,  receiving treatments for a bruised leg and a swollen head.  The young man who had greeted her at the bank stood behind the nurse as she worked on Melisa's wound,  the same grave look in his eyes.  Melisa's nephew had just come in from his mother's room. He came to check up on his aunt.  Finding her stabilized,  he returned to take care of his mum.  When the nurse was through,  she left the room leaving them both. The young man walked slowly towards Melisa,  his eyes gazing deep into hers.  Melisa, saddened by her sister's plight, what had led to it,  and her impromptu hospitalization, looked back at him,  not sure if she was ready for what she percieved could be the reason for his gaze...

...(to be continued).

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