59! (Nothing To Show For)

By Jason Joshua chigozie 6 months ago

The best in Africa

Devoid of crimes and troubles

The giants on whose shoulders Africa rest on

The pride of our continent. 


Rich in resources

Good political activities 

Best citizens and leaders

Where the rule of law is practiced. 


No lack in my country! 

Good infrastructures

We have all social amenities 

Security at its peak....... 




We're finally 59! 

What's the celebration for? 


Or Ignorance and negligence. 


We pledge to be faithful

Loyal and honest

To serve with all our strength

To defend her unity! 


Giants of Africa

What's the way forward? 

59years nothing to show for? 

Corruption now the country's capital. 


Our own brothers treat us like slaves

We seek greener pastures in other countries

In return we get sorrow, tears and pains


Fallen Giants! 

We own fertile lands for agriculture 

Crude oil and other resources 

Yet our people die in hundreds. 


No schools for the children

Should we talk about the female child? 

Rape, molestation, kidnap. 

Or our boys and social vices? 


Our leaders are still dangling in confusion

And still drowning in ignorance and illiteracy  

We are contented with suffering 

We lack courage to speak and contend. 


Dear God, please bless Nigeria  🇳🇬 ! 

#independence #Nigeria #october1st #Change 

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