31st Night,2018

By Kerese udofia 22 months ago


Fumes Of cigerattes caressed the air,used pipes littered across.The drama of three boys inhaling large wraps of tobacco and gulping down liquor(s) drew the night more even.



"Boy If i should draw again,am pulling my last straw for the year am fuckin repenting".The red eyed Chipped Out grapping a stick from the pack and emptying the liquor down his throat.



At another part within the same hood in a small club house with dim lights illuminating from stands,huge ass chocolate strippers mounted on poles,locking tongues and biting lips.Quite a number threw up large hippy legs with urban twerks to the quest of craving for oilings and a night rockoning.


"Oga you no wan fuck again?"

"before nkor?"

"Better Coman chop this thing,u go pay double o if i loose customers this night".



In one of those high pitch churches whose sound-sets blared the streets,somebody's son is looking for space to charge phone,then sleeps.checks phone again.sleeps again.wakes up.phone is gone. 


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