31 Photographs Of Suicide/ The Eye Of The Universe

By Olabisi Akinwale 10 months ago

31 Photographs of suicide 1 the distance between life & death is a stone throw from becoming a temple of water. 2 suicide is the body's way of using backdoors to freedom. 3 on moonless nights, the universe is a sea of thorny shadows. 4 silence is conversing with muted voices sneaking through walls. 5 disremembering the origin of sunrise is the mind's way of falling into an endless abyss. 6 our losses are so fragile, but they'll never break in coming hard against our bones. 7 our bodies are graveyards of stars, meant to lighten our nights. 8 you don't hear the footsteps of death till your ears are plugged to the footfalls of your loss. 9 dark rooms are museums of strange gods, they're not seen, but felt in a way blades cut skins without bloodshed. 10 in a boy's eyes, hope groans in pains on a bed of stone. 11 in solitude, we are strayed gods seeking a way out of divinity. 12 depression is... read more

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