29th May 2020

By Ezekwem Ifeanyichukwu 4 months ago

I can't explain what is going on in my head. On the 29th May, 2020 I found someone. Before the date, I was a really shy person when it came to emotions with the female counterpart. I have had a crush on a number of girls - as a man with hormones running through his body - but I said no word concerning what I felt to any of them.

The first girl I spoke to was really special in a way I can't explain. I liked her and I don't even know the reason. I can't explain what I feel, it's a mixture of all my emotions excluding anger and sadness. Some time ago, I talked to a friend and she said to me, "when you see the person you like, don't wait, don't mind anything and just speak to the person. Go with the flow and don't overthink, it will work out well". The day 29th May, 2020 confirmed what she told me.

The year 2017 was the year I first saw her, when I went to visit my cousins. I liked her but I told myself that I was too young to start something, though I was very shy to even speak to her. I was also afraid of getting rejected, so I said to myself, "if she is mine, we will meet in the future". I left the place my cousins stayed and completely forgot about her.

The year 2020 came with the COVID-19 pandemic that sent the world into isolation. But before the interstate borders were closed, I left school to go stay with my cousins again. After 1 month of complete isolation, we had a little bit of movement and I went out with my cousins. I met her again in a place I prefer not to mention. This time she was more beautiful, more matured than I remembered, and I immediately got attracted to her. I started a chat with her and it went well. I had no intention to reveal my feelings to her but along the way, I could not keep quiet. I said to myself, "what's the worst that can happen?". I told my feelings to her and fortunately for me, she had the same for me. 

I am happy but what to do from here on, I don't know. I hope that things would fall in place. I BELIEVE THAT IT WOULD.

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