17 Celebrities Bob Styles To Inspire Ladies’ Hairdo

By Adebimpe Owoseni 11 months ago

17 Celebrities Bob Styles To Inspire Ladies’ Hairdo


Long hair-styles have been en vogue for centuries and women who adopt them as their go-to everyday looks enjoy the attention they get from admirers because these styles make them appear ravishingly hot. But thinking outside the box is a smart move, you can be different by replacing your knee-length tress with lobs and bobs.

Celebrities are not left out in this trend. Check out the 17 female stars who inspired bobs in ladies’ catalogues.


1. Dua Lipa-Cool girl snip snip

Is Dua Lipa tired of her beautiful lengthy brunette tress? She changed her style to this eye-popping “cool girl bob” that is uncommon for some time now. While you are still wondering about the change, give ‘Snip snip’ a trial too.


2. Vanessa Hudgens

Bangs and bobs are very attractive on ladies, including hot Vanessa Hudgens, and this year seems suitable for these hairstyles’ to reign. The sultry diva got this cute bob style done from Chad Wood, a famous hairstylist. 


3. Emily Ratajkowski-Light Brown bob

Emily Ratajkowski’s new look to Diamond Ball organized by Rihanna, was a sight to behold. Em spotted a short sleek brown-coloured bob tagged ‘do’, designed by Jennifer Yepez, the sought-after hairstylist.


4. Emma Roberts

No matter her style to public events, Emma Roberts always get it right, from a blonde short tress, to a posh brunette or dashing redhead, her appearance never dwindles. 


5. Alison Brie-Rumpled bob

Mid-length tress is enchanting and sexy on ladies, agreed! But there are options in looking stunning, like Alison Brie’s rumpled bob which looked so astonishing on her. Maybe you should consider exchanging your long strands for this type of bob in 2019.


6. Olivia Wilde-Brunette Bob

Fans of Olivia Wilde may have not seen her in long locks in blonde shades for a long time now. The beaut seems to have converted to a dulled brunette short hair in recent times. 


7. Rihanna-Wet Waves

The ‘work work’ diva looked gorgeous in this wet waves and of course, it’s no surprise because everything always goes well on Rihanna.


8. Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo transformed her looks from her regular brunette twists for this shiny bob. You need to take a cue from this.


9. Selena Gomez-short bob

The former Justin Bieber’s sweetheart looked pretty in her new bob. So cute!


10. Diane Kruger-Loose wave

Diane Kruger got it right for you to have something added to your catalogues. The tangled bob comes in beach shades but if you wish, why not try out her loose wavy style with a good tong?


11. Kim Kardashian-Straight bob

Kim Kardashian looked stunning at a movie premiere ‘The Promise’. That would be the first time the mother of 3 would wear short hair and absolutely, she looked great. 


12. Rose Leslie

You remember her in ‘The Game Of Thrones’? She accompanied her Hollywood colleague and lover, Kit Harington, to Olivier Awards, 2017 edition, wearing a rumpled bob that reached her shoulders. 


13. Taylor Swift

The smooth bob was designed in an acute style and its sophistry was conspicuous. You can also duplicate her look by using a circular brush for your own ‘blow-drying’ to bring out the cutest style.


14. Demi Lovato-shiny lob

Demi Lovato is blessed with the gift of wearing any hairstyle and it would befit her look always, whether rainbow mermaid twists to blanched blonde. Her recent shiny brown short hair is another testimony.


15. Kelly Rowland

The mother of one and former Destiny Child’s vocalist wore a more overstrung but less recognizable feminine appearance. The traces of harshness in the trimmed and fine textured style made her even more appealing.


16. Beyonce

Getting enough of Queen B is difficult because she won’t stop feeding your eyes with her beauty. Her bob waves looked absolutely dashing and sharp, you have to admit.


17. Victoria Beckham

David Beckham’s spouse and former Spice Girls’ member, Victoria Beckham, dumped her lengthy tress in 2017 for a new beautifully crafted bob. The skewed, ripply jaw-length appearance made her cuter. The casual tangles matched the trends reigning during that period and it enhanced her prim styles common to her fashion taste.


Looking simple and super cute in bobs can make the difference in your new look. So keep turning heads everywhere you go while rocking that crispy lob all day, and don’t forget to get value for your money from your hairdresser. Go bobby girl!


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