By Dada Adetomiwa 22 months ago

    Every two weeks before examination,was a buzzer of hate with slight joy, seeing the random placement of course perhaps subjects in the mockery timetable pasted on the notice board,many unravel the area of concentration where questions might be picked, some guessed right while others wrong. As the D-day week approaches,our heart puff as a pro smoker  smoke;at times its arrhymia for the hate of testing our IQ of remembrance,yet some people find it more chilling as they wait till the D-day.

We gist after the stone faced lecturers or teachers has finished vomiting there esoteric words perchance the variety of zircon,we take every bit of information in,like a robot receiving command from the programmed language inputted!,we solemnly acclaim their wit of professionalism without arguing yet we yearn for greatness despite all odds,do we have choice after all?

In the evenings, after our various obligations we tried refilling our vanished strength,tensed and stretch nerves and muscles with voracious reading along side the cold beans cake made by Mama Eleko,woman in the small kiosk in the school cafeteria,eating and simultaneously remembering the salt in our wound MB3,we take nap on our feet in our conscious mind, stuttering in our dreams what we've read and of what we want to become been aware of the creams of the society we just want to belong somewhere in the middle grounds,we aren't just a dreamer but an optimist

When we go home for some reasons best known to us,either to refuel the pocket or finding some sort inspiration from the ones we love,Maami was the very best soul lifter,after our evening meal,Maami calls us to her bossom to tell tales and fables of her heroes,bless us to grow and learn about of our cultures,yet rusty plum cane beside her if we don't recall what we've learnt or read about,her dose of panegyric praises she rend makes us become selfless after the session finishes. 

Every family and each memeber of them in a way has given their gold of advice,rubbed perfume of support on us and as a result that reason we glow not morally only but in all areas of life knowing the right solution to all problems we encounter perhaps we might not have been in such scenario before but we go run back to their source of wisdom when we run short of our basis understanding of life,it like the proverbs Maami says virtually when we think we know we don't know all: 'Bo omode ba laso bi agba,ki la ki'sa bi agba[ a child think he owes a wardrobe like an adult,he will never have rages like an adult]',well am sure you have the deep understandinng to that?!. In the other way round, their enormous sacrifices are worth remembering from dawn to dusk of person's life span, varying from the sumptuous meal to the very last lacy crust of the pot, is what I do up till now and as a growing child,the bottom pot of maami meal is the gateway to heaven,sweet as the manna the Israelite ate

The eve before exam,various discussion made bubbles in the air,everyone with their clicks and caucus to say, trying to read,scanning through the thick malad covers,some with heavy book of uncountable pages with diverse diagrams we once call them the 'Igi Iwe' or Socrates of knowledge, they are always hierarchy ranging from the book worm's to the less deficient and deficient,if there was any; it indeed the jungle where everyone exhibit the Jean Baptist Lamark Theroem : Survival of the fitest,it's imbibe in us not to fail 

At home we try to assimilate,glance through the ink notes of varing from primary to secondary colours from the small glowing 'atupa',my parent was'nt able to purchase the modern latern; are we not were gold in the process?, to lighten our doggedness not to fail, our younger ones bridge the light with their tiny palms asking if you'll engage in a 'after round 1' match,a bruitish smile of hate with joy slaps our cheek,even if the venom of anaconda is in us the bond antedote the poison without seeing a E&T(Emergency & Trauma) speacialist,the bonds betwixt the young and old are tangled cobwebs of feelings,its indeed a college too,where many has happened,many are about happening,even more to come to reality from they make our dream dreams not only come to reality but help shapen and mend us'.

     I could remember vivlidly,when we see ourselves after a break from our long day,the younger ones roll around with puff joy to see a long time rival,forgetting the past rebuke,building strong tower for gist from the long unbreakable loneliness
We can't but adapt to new phase of life we growing into from our less cerebral and we find ourselves return to cradling baby wanting to lay in the bossom of mother: it the feeling we get when we're amidst our family definitely we got enveloped in them.D
uring an unusual saturday august gathering of new birth dedication or some conjugal bliss of some sort our conversations become solemn and reverent,we dance and hug for hours,drank and ate for hours,we joke and fought for the fog celebration in the air,yet the exams fever are hid somewhere within us,should we be too worried about a mere papar?,some sort of voice whisper highly sweeten words into our minds sharply and quite.

I won't forget the days of deep thoughtful and prophetic lyrical music Ba'mi[My father] play when he knows are exam is near,it was a synergy of sunday morning tonic and eventide medicine every weekend,we learnt every word bit after bit while at the end he ask 'his that your book?' and you dare not reply,the next is question is 'when is your exam by the way?', stylishly zoom to the study board to continue funny enough even at latter life most the songs  never depart,it an evergreen flash!

His D-day not here,the hall was so spacious with polished mahogamy pew,filled with vast faces with expressionless eyes that lack proper sleep,some with excitement of readiness,but the spirit of some are as deaden very dried bone on sitting position,the room temperature seems to fluctuate from cold to dry air & vice versa,our protrude eye keen on the plastic stoned invigilator dishing out the question paper,every heads tilt with respect to the direction of the invigilating person,some chanting some incoherent words,praying perhaps.
The weeks pass by,it was a repeated phase in the hall,silenced followed by sounds of pen on paper....Finally!,it ended,the result was pasted on the large 29'' board,many gathered around strecthing rubbing their orbit to see if they passed, alongside many cried,many laughed & cheered for the success feat achieved,it was indeed an uncensored experience" Olapade sigh after the long speech admonishing the Final year MS(medical student)  of UL(Univeristy of Life) on there induction

Its mine 10th year of leaving this soil,this very jungle,but have I grown from the challenge of 10 years back?,Many in the latter days got drifted off lost the path,some sudden lost interest, as beauty was gradually replaced with tamed wrinkled,keeping to basic meticulous and technical teaching we've learnt,all those we've learnt has brought us this farther and have been relicing on the past for the present is in the past and the past addresses the future

Those who will make you outgrow are those wonderful family,love ones and group mate et al,they only can help you outgrow the challenge for they are there to relic with you the memoir down the line of Medical school 


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