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For anyone who have a dream or a goal of becoming a leader and  a mentor to his her followers. here are 10 qualities to equip yourself with to help you on a life long journey of a leader.


1.RELIABILLITY: A good leader must be dependable,capable of executing task given in the specified way.

2.SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE: Abillity to respect people and to interact freely with clients and business associates.

3.ORAL PRESENTATION: A good leader must be an eloquent speaker.having the abillity to disseminate information to people.

4.PROFESSIONALISM: Your dressing and grooming must be in a way that reflects  the professional in you. Remember how you dress is how you will be addressed.

5.VISION: Abillity to  visualize successful results, to optimistically see positive outcome.

6.MOTIVATION: A successful leader must be able to stir up the enthusiasm of his/her followers to work willingly.

7.GOOD LISTENER: A leader who want to be successful with his/her career must be a good listener.he or she must be able to listen to opinions and perspective of others.

8.INITIATIVE: A good leader must be someone who can see big picture,The capabillity of getting ahead of the pack with determination and enterprise.

9.INTEGRITY: Strict adherance to moral code, work ethics reflected in transparency and honest.

10.CREATIVITY: Abillity to make use of one's imagination to create or to invent something tangible or imaginary. 

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