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She smiled and gazed at his picture in her cellphone for what seemed like the umpteenth time. She wondered how a human being could be so immaculate. Although, she was not certain of how perfect he was inwardly as she could only see the outward appearance.

She had always had fantasies of them being together but it all seemed so impossible.    

     Shrieks and shouts from ladies outside her hostel intruded her thoughts.

As she tried to reach the window to find the source of such noise, her best friend, Diana ran in to drag her out. Confused, Jennifer questioned her best friend who said nothing till they reached their destination. She was shocked when she realized why Diana took her out. Just few seconds ago, she wished she could see the guy who always made her smile, although he is unaware of it. Her wish was just granted.       

    Jeremy Adams had been her secret crush since secondary school till her sophomore year in college, though her best friend only figured it out after their graduation from secondary school. To Jennifer and many other girls, Jeremy had the cutest smile, tall and well-built and the most handsome of all guys on campus.

He had always been every girls' dream man.

 ‘Jennifer! Jennifer!! Jennifer!!!. Snap out of it, he’s gone.’ Diana tried to shake her out of fantasy. 

‘Oh… anyway, let’s go dress up for his concert.’    

   Jeremy, a talented singer had his band, Jay Stars Band. They always had their concert once every two months. It had always been on record that several ladies swooned during his concerts. Ladies wanted to be his and could do anything just to be with him. With his parents' support, there was no skepticism he had every opportunity to be successful in his music career. Jeremy was also in his sophomore year in Greenville College, London.             

Jennifer and Diana got dressed and headed for Jay Stars Band Concert. As usual, the hall was full, mostly occupied with ladies, screaming and yelling on top of their voices for Jeremy to notice them. At such concerts, any guy present is concluded to have been dragged by his girlfriend because Jay's Band kind of concert wasn't for them. Everyone kept having their fun until Jennifer’s eyes strayed to an area and nearly collapsed in her seat having sighted something upsetting. In the process, she hit her bestfriend and made her scared. Diana looked in the direction that her friend kept looking at and was shocked by what she saw.

She angrily walked up to her boyfriend whose hands were still wrapped around another lady's waist and slapped him hard. Sobbing uncontrollably, she ran back to her room, while Jennifer ran after her.   

Chris and Diana had been together for over a year now. The bond they had built over the year was enough to question Chris' infidelity. The love they shared was evident and no one ever imagined such happening to their relationship.    

It was difficult trying to calm her best friend who had been hurt but she tried all she could to make her feel much better. 

Being in the same department, it was inevitable seeing each other. He attempted on several occasion to apologize but was all futile. Diana could not take a chance of being hurt the second time. 

Diana was back to her usual self few days after the cause of her break up with her boyfriend. Passing through the hall way, she noticed a number of people by the notice board. She was curious about this and followed her instinct to find out what was going on. An advertisement for a singing competition had been put up for interested individuals. At first, she disregarded the ad but later decided to inform her best friend who could have an interest in it.    

  Jennifer had a talent to sing but had more zeal for law. More so, her parents were not so much in support of her studying any music related course. She found the competition an opportunity for her to promote her talent. She was excited about the rewards if she won any. She applied for the competition and began preparation in earnest. Although it was difficult to convince her parents about the competition, they gave in at last.   

   Weeks later, the day for the competition arrived. Diana dressed her best friend so elegantly and both headed for the venue. The large hall, glamorously decorated was crowded. Most students were in attendance to have fun while parents were available to cheer their loved ones. The singing contest began and it was indeed a competition. It seemed the judges were going to have a hard time choosing the winner. As fate would have it, Jennifer Philips emerged as the first runner up of the singing competition. The winner was to be awarded a sum of money as well as given an opportunity to produce two songs with a music company. The first runner up was also to be awarded a lesser sum of money with an opportunity to produce a song with Jay Stars Band. The second runner up was awarded a lesser sum of money only.      

Jennifer was overjoyed. As the hall went rowdy, out of excitement, she hugged Jeremy. Though she apologized as soon as she realized what she did. She got home to meet a surprise party which took place till almost dawn. As soon as the party was over, she went with her best friend to their room to rest.       Jennifer relayed what happened earlier between herself and her crush, Jeremy, to her best friend. The girls slept off while talking, due to fatigue.

Rehearsals with Jay Stars Band was slated to commence exactly a week after the conclusion of the competition. It was still a shock she would have rehearsals with Jeremy Adams! Having to combine studying with attending the rehearsals seemed arduous but she was willing to do it.    

fter sometime, she began to flow with the tide. She started to talk freely with the guys in the band. Difficult to believe, Jeremy began to move closer to Jennifer. She tried to discard it because she felt it was just her imagination.       One Tuesday evening, after a rehearsal, Jeremy and Jennifer were left in the room. Jeremy saw this as an opportunity to open up to Jennifer.       ‘Jennifer… I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a long time now but I haven’t been courageous enough. Since you sang at the competition, I’ve been attracted to you and you joining our band gave me an opportunity to get to know you. You’re really a wonderful and amazing person. I know you’ve got this huge crush on me but am not using that as an advantage. Would you be my girlfriend?  I promise to never hurt you, although am not perfect.’    

  Jennifer was astounded. What she heard was difficult to believe. As she tried to find her voice, she  muttered to Jeremy to give her reply the next day.       When she got to her room, she told her best friend what had happened. Diana expected Jennifer’s reply to be positive but fell in shock when she heard what her best friend's verdict was. Jennifer, scared of heartbreaks and relationship infidelity,  decided to tell Jeremy to forget about her. She was not ready for a relationship yet. Diana could not stop lamenting on how Jennifer had always wanted Jeremy to descry her and now he asked her out. She had no choice than to reason with Jennifer when she mentioned what Chris had done to her.       The next day arrived and as agreed, Jeremy and Jennifer met in the rehearsal room. Jeremy was disappointed as the words that filled his ears were not what he expected. After some minutes of confessions and deliberations, they decided to be best of friends.    

  Days rolled into weeks, weeks into months and months into years. Jeremy and Jennifer kept being close. Positively, Jennifer changed Jeremy’s life and he was grateful for that. He kept loving her although she kept declining his request of her being his girlfriend. 

     After spending four years in Greenville College, it was time to graduate. On the graduation day, they departed in tears, promising to keep in contact. The promise was not kept as after three years, they were no longer in contact with each other.   

   Jeremy traveled to California and seemed to be so engrossed in becoming popular and forgot about Jennifer. As for Jennifer, she kept searching for her friend but all was to no avail and stopped searching for him. Jeremy later came back to London and became popular in the music industry and Jennifer did not want to intrude, so she let him be. More so, she was scared of being rejected and did not want to seem desperate to get Jeremy back.

 Jennifer was as well doing really great in her law career. She worked in Joannes Chamber where she was regarded to be highly qualified for the career. She won most cases brought to her as she was great  at defending her clients. As a result of this, most clients preferred for her to be their defendant.

  One beautiful evening, Jennifer and Diana were watching the news in their flat. Shockingly, they watched that Jeremy had a fatal accident and was rushed. Jennifer was actually hurt that Jeremy forgot about her but she could not disregard what she just saw and heard. In seconds, Jennifer grabbed her car keys and rushed to the named hospital. After several pleadings, she was allowed to see Jeremy whose chance of living was extremely slim. She cried profusely when she sighted him. Fortunately for her, he woke up as she entered.

       ‘Je-nni-fer… how did you find out am here? Am really sorry it seemed I forgot about you but I really did not. When am gone, always remember I love you. Please never forget that.’ Jeremy muttered weakly.  

    ‘Jeremy, you’re going nowhere. I love you and am ready to be your girlfriend. Just do not die. Fight your way back to life.…'   

  As she was talking, Jeremy's condition got worse. He seemed to have had an heart attack. She rushed to call the doctors who in turn told her Jeremy might not survive. He was rushed to the theatre for an operation while Jennifer kept praying for his safety. Five hours later, Jennifer rushed to the doctors as they emerged out of the theatre room. She was given the felicitous news that the operation was successful. With so much excitement, she wanted to go into his room as he was brought out of the theatre but was denied access, so as to let him sleep.  She visited him after work the next day. Luckily, he was awake when she entered his room. Jennifer's face radiated how glad she was that Jeremy made it. As for Jeremy, he was also grateful and happy he was alive. He promised to make it up to Jennifer as soon as he got out of the hospital. He appreciated that she came back to him despite the hurt and confessed he really missed her.     

  Still in the hospital, Jennifer continued to cater for Jeremy. His relatives, friends and band mates did well to visit him in the hospital. Fans sent flowers and greeting cards everyday. Jennifer once joked about being jealous of the attention Jeremy was getting from everyone which Jeremy laughed off. She left for the hospital as soon as she closed at work each day. Jeremy kept responding to treatment, although he confessed he was enjoying such treatment from Jennifer. He was soon discharged from the hospital and was taken home by Jennifer. On getting home, he was astounded by the surprise welcome party he met. He heartily appreciated his friends and band mates, who took time to organize the party out of their busy schedules. He exclusively appreciated Jennifer who had always by him.

     Weeks later, he proposed to Jennifer. She was shocked. Although she knew the day was bound to come, it was sort of early to her. She responded positively and preparation for the wedding ceremony began in earnest, as soon as the date was decided.

     The elaborate wedding ceremony held two months after the proposal in a stupendous church and an exclusive hall. It was made obvious that money was lavishly spent. Both places were beautifully decorated. Both groom and bride looked really stunning. At the church, Jennifer and Jeremy smiled loving at each other as Jennifer walked down the isle. The couple were admonished and blessed by the priest. The wedding service did not take long as pictures were taken thereafter. Their entry into the reception was done in such a grand style. Everyone present stood to acknowledge and laud the couple. The couple was glad to see their friends and loved ones who came to celebrate and wish them well. Gifts of different sizes and length were wrapped and presented to the couple. At the end of the ceremony, the invitees said their well wishes and farewell to the newly wed as they proceeded to start a new beginning together.


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