💎🎶🎶 HIS SON: Cute Meets Mute 💎🎶🎶

By Jessy:

          ❤🧡 HIS SON ❤🧡

❤ CUTE 🧡

         ❤  MEETS 🧡

                 ❤  MUTE 🧡

  My sister… and the cute boy kissing?

  My throat tightened with pain.

  I could tell Mum was mad on seeing them, as she let go of my hand and made angrily towards them.

  They were clearly arguing, with Mum’s lips moving in a way you’d know she was disgusted by the sight. Nita’s hand was still clutching the cute boy’s, making me wonder if she wasn’t scared of what Mum was going to do if ever we got home.


  “I thought you said Sammy was a friend?” asked Nita’s Mum the minute the front door got closed.

  “Well, he’s more than that,” Nita shrugged.

  Nita hated how her mother went about the whole “no-boys” rules, when clearly she knew they were never going to be followed.

  “Mum, can we not talk about this? It’s not like we were having sex or anything!”

  Mrs. MacKenny gasped. “Oh, it had better not get to that!”

  Nita scoffed. “Whatever, Mum. I’m going upstairs.”

  Mrs. MacKenny was dumbfounded watching her daughter leave.



  Nita and Lucille’s Dad came back not long after. The girls were surprised on seeing him get back home early, with Anita not so happy about the new change. She knew her mum was going to go straight off in telling her father all about she and Sammy—and just like she had thought, she did.

  “I can’t believe she ratted me out!” Nita grumbled whilst she played with her fingers.

  “Nita?” came a voice, making her grumble even more.


  “Nita!” came her father’s voice again, this time much louder.

  “No one’s here!” Nita answered nonchalantly, the door swinging open at the same time.

  “I can see you just right,” said Nita’s Dad as a broad smile stood on his face.

  “What do you want?” Nita asked with arms folded, and eyes lowered in a bid not to meet dark hazel eyes.

  Mr. MacKenny knew how grumpy his daughter could be, so he knew how to take things with her without them getting into a fight.

  “Baby,” called Mr. MacKenny. “Baby, I know that…”

  “Dad!” Nita frowned. “Dad, can we not talk about this?”

   Her Dad’s full brows arched up. “Talk about what?” he pretended not to know what she was saying.

   Nita knew he was only putting up an act so she wouldn’t know why he was here, but there was no way she was falling for it. “Quit the act, Dad. I know Mum already told you.”

  Mr. MacKenny laughed. “Told me what?”

  Nita groaned. “Dad, stop it!”

  Mr. MacKenny chuckled this time. “All right, all right—” he stopped to know her expression, took a deep breath and began. “Now, I know you’re angry with your Mum for telling me all about—” he stopped to think.

  “Sammy?” Nita added.

  “Is that his name?” he snapped his fingers and yelled, “Yeah! That’s his name.” he affirmed to himself.


  “Well, I’m not,” Nita shook her head though deep inside she was outraged with her mother not keeping any thing from her Dad—not surprising.

  “Dad, don’t tell me we’re gonna talk about boys tonight?” she arched her brows. “I mean, if you’re gonna ground me, I’ll understand—”

  “Nita, it’s not just about grounding you…”

  She interrupted,”Then what is it?”

  “You just don’t understand!”

  “What am I to understand, Dad?” Nita asked, confused.


“Dad, you’re acting as if I can’t have a hots for a boy. I mean, what’s the matter with that? Ain’t I old enough to be with whoever I wanna be with?”

   “Nita, can you just listen to us?!”

  “Well, I’m listening.” she uncrossed her legs. “Since you and Mum don’t want me hanging with boys, I’m gonna go for girls instead!” she blurted out.


  “Dad, you can’t just tell me how to live my life. Okay? Come on, I’m 16, not a kid!”

  Mr. MacKenny chuckled with one brow raised.

  And Nita nodded. “Yes! And besides, he and I did nothing bad…”

  “Well, that doesn’t mean you won’t,” her Dad countered. “Baby, we’re just trying to protect you…”

  “From what?” Nita added, “I can protect myself if that’s the reason,”

  Her father exhaled. “You really are not getting it, are you?”

  She sat back down. “Mum just never gets me, father. You guys don’t,” she lowered her voice. “Mum’s always paranoid… always yelling. And you, well, you’re not always home to know,” she said. “And even when you are, you only care about Lucy—and not me.”

  The sadness in her voice was so easy to tell, that her father could sense. “Nita, we care about you so much. We really do.”

  Nita raised her head. “Then why do I feel the opposite?” she asked with hurt.

  It felt as though her insides were going to burst, but shedding a tear wouldn’t be a solution to her parents caring more.

  “Baby—” Mr MacKenny made to say as a soft tap on the door interrupted. “Guess I’m not the only one who’s been wanting to talk to you,” he gave his daughter a smile, and a light kiss on her forehead.

  The door came open revealing Lucille. Anita gave her a deadly scowl, as Lucille stood completely lost.

  “Be nice, Nitty,” her father whispered softly.

   Lucille walked in, though scared, as their father left the room for them so they could talk better.

   Throwing a disdainful look that could send a scaredy kitty off its feet, Anita gripped her sister’s hair and pulled as she cursed and spat.


  “You fool! How dare you show Mum where Sammy and I were? How dare you?!”

  Nita knew it wasn’t her fault, but this… she wanted to do. She was going to take all the rage she felt inside, out on her, until there was nothing left to feel.

   Lucille MacKenny

  I’d just been tortured by my own sister. I didn’t know what a monster she was, until she shoved my head down the drain.

  Mum and Dad had no idea what had happened between us.

  My own sister—Anita.


   I wanted to tell them. How I wanted to tell Mum and Dad all about what Nita had done to me, but I couldn’t bring myself to. Not because I could say no word—but because I loved my sister so, and I was ready to endure whatever thing she did to me… no matter how far she went.

  Sisters were supposed to be there for each other; to never leave each other’s side—but I ended up getting the worst sister in the world.


  Isn’t being just dumb enough?

  Why do I have to pass through this too? I sobbed endlessly in my room.

   I hated the life I was given. I couldn’t wait for it to just end!

  Mum and Dad were doing all that they could to make me feel better—but what’s feeling better if you can’t be with the one you dearly want to be with?

  I had to deal with the fact that my sister was never going to see me as anyone better—

   So, I guess it’s just me…

   Oh, I did see the cute boy again… in case you’re wondering; this time not with my sister.

  I was scared to walk up to him, for fear he would find out about my condition. I could say I was mad seeing he and my sister kiss, but what was that going to do for me? All that rage… all that anger trying to burst free. Not like it was going to change anything.

  Clutching my bag, I made to walk past, only for a hand to take me by surprise.

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