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Who Would Have Known By Uwen Precious

POSTED 10/04/2018 12:47:13
1599 Reads Who Would Have Known By Uwen Precious, short story on Tushstories
Today I'm twenty four years of age, far away in those cities I really love, as I recount those precious little years as a growing boy. Only son. Male. Friend. The one that strikes those sad and depressing chords in me was when I was eighteen; not those well built types, I was slender and naive. Mummy's love suppressed me most times. I couldn't do what I want, I was always with her, only allowed a little time with friends then back home before Seven.

Few days after my Eighteenth Birthday, Mum's very adorable friend came to the house. I was carried away by the Music, as I wrote on my note pad. I didn't hear her knock and how she came in to give a pat on my shoulder. She smiled and immediately apologized, as I was startled.

“Where is Martha?” she asked as she peeped into my phone. The she said it was obvious that I was writing. I said yes, I write a whole lot and that she went to pick up some things.

“Do you love Novels?” she asked me.

I answered to the affirmative, and that I was a particular writer on Facebook. She screamed, and I was astound how she had been following my works all along.

In the chit chat, Martha stormed in and met two people she had never introduced, chatting and smiling at each other.

“Ngozi, how are you?” Mum hailed.

“I'm very well my sister. Is this your brother?” quite anxious.

“No! That's my boy.”

“Are you serious? He is so big. I never knew you had this Big Boy. You know, Ferdinand didn't last three years with you.”

I got bored and I asked to leave when mummy quickly told her that my birthday was just few days passed, and that I was eighteen. Mum's friend didn't show acceptance of the age, but she said that I come over that weekend to get something at her place. I was so glad. So long as mum respected this lady, saying she was four steps ahead of her at their office, I thought she was cool after all.

On that day, mum gave me her friend's must-have contact and I located her place. I sat. She came out like a seductress, like those I wrote in my Eros. I quickly asked to leave. She resisted. So we talked. She said she reads those Eros, and enjoys the sultriness in it.

She bounced off to get me a glass of water that I had requested for. And as she moved, it was leering. She was back with the water. She handed it to me and watched me slowly complain of being dizzy after I drank. She offered to pull me off my wearings. Next minute, her breasts laid bare in the not so clear picture to me. She had a cream hidden in one of the chairs in the living room. She applied it on it, and I grunted and screeched.

But she pinned me down on the couch, fondling with my third leg, touching my face, down to my chest region and to my nipple. When it hit hard, she slowly inserted it into her pot of boiling waters. I felt the heat, and it was a sweetener. But, I don't want this. I began to cry. I cried and cried. I've heard of first timers talk on how voluntary sex was, but this is coercion. I'm being abused.

What do I tell mummy. How on Earth do I say it? That I was drugged and molested. Is this lust over Eros or is this clear curt abuse? I believe it is.

She pounced on me and she never cared. Sometimes, she'd miss a shot and it would hit a part that would cause me so much pain at the tip. She didn't care. Even after the short first outpour, she used the oil to raise up the already weakened organ. She sucked and sucked it. It was so for six times.

I was sure it was no more making sense to me. My hands couldn't move, and my lips gave out no words. My eyes dimmed the more, while my eyes cried teary tears for fear and disgust.

She was on top, so wet and still so horny. Slapping me if I moved my body and threatening me with a knife, as she swirled around sometimes and switched to positions she so adored.

Momentarily she would hold it; the gonad, and fondle. I know how hard I prayed for it to go down, but No, I'm sure the water she gave me was mixed with 'Sex Booster.' Believe me, it was hard and painful, lying on a couch and seeing your own reader, your mum's Favorite Friend, ride you, molest you. The disregard. The agony inflicted.

But now, I'm way above that. Abusers have no limits, that's why they should be stopped. I didn't tell mummy. I am just happy I got out safely. I told a few friends three months after, and they didn't easily believe it, considering my age and paradigms. But Chidera did, and she's the one that helped me build through.

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