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The Female Lion By Obieze Martinz

POSTED 07/21/2018 13:47
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That night the worshipers of the light came to Ichie Mba’s house to witness the birth of a destined child. Rumors had gone round the five kingdoms that a female warrior would be born in the land but she would either come as a savior that will wipe out the evil men, both the noble and the commoners or destruction that will bring calamity in the five kingdoms. The five kings were silently and patiently waiting in their palaces for the arrival of the prophesied child.
The king of Umu, Jama, who had a young son named Dube and a wife who was also a priestess just like the worshipers waiting for Mba’s child, could not wait any longer. He was an evil man who didn’t wish to take any chances. He commanded his palace guards to escort him to the house of Ichie Mba, the father of the child the whole kingdoms were waiting to be born. The palace guards armed themselves and set out for the journey with their king.
Uremma, King Jama’s wife and mother of young Dube was awake that night. With her divine powers as a priestess she had a vision that night and a voice told her that only her son Dube was destined to protect the unborn child. Uremma was worried because she knew her husband well and she knew he set out to kill the innocent child. She woke Dube up that night and told the small boy the vision that she had. Dube believed so much in his mother and so he didn’t doubt her.
“I need you to leave this night and go before your father to Ichie Mba’s house and recue that child. It is your destiny to protect her till the time she will start her work”
“But mother, what is her fate. Is she going to be a calamity or a savior?” wise Dube asked his mother.
“My son, I trust in the voice that spoke to me. I can’t say now what she will become but this you must do now. I will pray to the gods for your safety. Go” the mother finalized.
Dube got ready that night. Uremma kissed his forehead and blessed him and he ran off.
King Jama and his palace warriors were on their way to Ichie Mba’s village and house. Dube was also on his way to Ichie Mba’s house to rescue the child from his father. In the hut of Ichie Mba, the cry of a new born baby was heard.


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