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The Bully's Ball By Aniekan Andikan

POSTED 04/23/2018 15:49
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The neighborhood bully was not someone you could mess with and the small, scrawny, eight year old boy that went by the name Kpokios knew this even before he was born. Kpokios feared the neighborhood bully but he loved his ball. His best time of the day was when the bully brought his ball, when other young boys from his street came together to play Monkey Post.
One day, as they were playing the monkey post, the bully was called away. He wanted to leave with his ball but Kpokios and the other boys begged him to allow them continue the game. That the game was making so much sense.
“This ball is in your care.” The bully said to Kpokios after considering for a while.
The bully left, the game continued. Twenty minutes on, one of the boys kicked the ball and knocked down the crayfish tray that was on a stool drying in the sun. Kpokios’ grandmother seized the ball after chasing the alien boys from the compound.
The game was over.
Kpokios was worried about what his grandma was going to do to the ball which was in his care. He regretted ever asking to keep the ball. That evening, he swept everywhere, washed everything, fetched water and cleaned the house. He did everything in a bid to appease his grandmother.
In the night, before they went to bed.
“Mama, please don’t be annoyed. Where is the ball?” Kpokios asked his grandmother and waited.
No response. His grandmother was keeping malice with him.
“Please Mama, we are sorry for spilling the crayfish in the sand. I am not the owner of the ball. The owner put the ball–”
“Don’t disturb me child! I put your stupid ball inside the latrine. Tell the owner to go and get it from there.”
That night Kpokios did not sleep well.
Kpokios woke up early, it was his week to clean the toilet. He went to clean it at the first sign of light. The toilet was a pit one with a concrete slab over the pit. The slab had a rectangular hole in the center where the business went through into the pit. A little house was constructed with rusted zinc over it and it was given a wooden door with a padlock outside and a bolt inside. He took his time to clean it well because he had plans.
He went and carried his grandmother’s torchlight back to the toilet, bolted himself in, switched on the torchlight and pointed the white beam through the rectangular hole. From where he was there was no sign of the ball, all he saw was a shimmering reflection of white light way down towards the bottom of the pit. I have to go inside for further inspection he thought. He measured the rectangular mouth of the hole with his eyes. He knew his scrawny little body could pass through without much stress.
He sat down on the toilet floor letting his leg dangle through the hole, he could feel the warm mist rising from the pit. He put the torch – still on – in his mouth and let himself slowly through the mouth of the toilet, legs first. When his waist had cleared, he started spreading his little legs to find the walls of the pit. He saw when the dug the pit and how the diggers climbed out by placing their feet in opposite walls of the pit and how they pushed themselves slowly till they came out of the pit. He was going to use the same method down and when he reached where the shit started, he will just pick up the ball and climb back out. He figured that the ball should float and not sink with the shit.
He was not aware of the multitude of cockroaches that were dragging for space on the walls of the pit and under the slab. Just when his armpit was level with the slab he heard a knock on the toilet door. He ignored the intruder and tried to carefully clear one hand.
“Who is here? Please hurry up o.” It was the voice of the neighbor he hated. A fair skinned lady with big eyes.
He couldn’t continue. The stupid lady will cause a scene he thought. He reluctantly pulled himself out of the hole, opened the toilet door and left without even looking at the lady. His hatred for her just doubled.

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