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Not Again By Aniekan Andikan

POSTED 05/08/2018 13:19
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The last time you kissed your wife was the day before yesterday afternoon when the priest had said 'Now you may kiss the bride'. Since then, you have jumped out of a three story building, rescued a baby, killed a man and saved the Governor but the closest your lips had been to your wife's had been 2 inches.
It was the best day of your life, you were finally going to marry the love of your life. Every thing had gone well except maybe for the fact that your best friend and best man's phone fell and broke just when you were about to exchange rings with your wife.
Other than that, everything went well and before you guys knew it, you were back in your hotel room with your wife for your honeymoon which was just for the weekend due to the nature of your work.
You just got a new wife, you were not in a hurry to consummate. So, you took your time. You didn't make any move until she asked you to help her unzip her wedding dress. You unzipped it from the back of her neck all the way to her protruding buttocks. What a long zip! You thought.
You did not go back to your place, you stood behind her. Then she turned, two sets of eyes locked. She pursed her lips, you lubricated yours. The space in between dissolved slowly. Just when both set of lips were about to lock you heard the beep.
That was the special phone. You only get beeps in the special phone when it was an emergency and it was a standard law to not allow it beep more than 3 times. You thought about stealing a quick kiss before you answer the annoying phone but it beeped again.
You had to run across the room to get the phone just on the third beep. You reluctantly put it to your ear.
'What dance?' You said sharply, without joy.
That was the code to let the caller know that he was talking to the right person. You then listened to the instructions for your assignment. The caller did not fail to tell you that as he was talking to you, you were already late and the Governor’s life was at stake.
After the call, you looked at the door and then glanced at your wife; she was still struggling to get out of her wedding gown. You chose the door.
Since then, you have killed a man, rescued a baby, saved the governor and jumped out of three story building to complete your mission successfully.
Today, you returned. Totally tired. Your wife, the doctor is taking care of you. She gives you a bath and even a massage. You are now feeling great. You are finally going to consummate.
You take it slow because you know that after a successful assignment, you are free for a week. You put in some slow jams. Take your wife's hand for a romantic dance.
Once again, you guys are close, dancing in each other’s arms. You bend your head to kiss your wife. When your lips are exactly two inches from hers, her phone buzzes. She looks away. She gets to her phone.
'I have an emergency heart surgery now-' she says after listening to the phone then hesitates before adding '-It's the governor.'
'Shit! Not again.' You complain but she's already out of the room.

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