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Mama Dera II By Vechi Allen Vechilz

POSTED 04/06/2018 14:19:13
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The bet9ja cashier looked at her game and told her that she had a good game. Mama Dera then chuckled as she tied the game slip on her wrapper and made her way out. Feeding was difficult that evening because Mama Dera, had invested all her money on the bet9ja slip. It was a very stupid and crazy risk to take, but with the condition that she was in, it was worth it because she needed the money.
The next day, a Sunday, she took some food stuffs from Mrs. Kehinde for credit. She was already owing Mrs. Kehinde, the sum of 6,000 Naira for food stuffs that she had earlier collected last year up to the new year.
At first, Mrs. Kehinde refused to give her the food stuffs she requested for. After much pleadings and promises to pay back soon she gave her all what she requested for.
Later that Sunday evening, she left two of her children at home, with her last born tied at her back; she went to the bet9ja office where she played her game to check if it has entered. On arrival, she gave the cashier her slip to check for her; when he checked it, he blurted out "Jesus!"
Everyone's attention was directed at him.
"Wetin happen?" everyone was asking.
He then replied "Omo see game"
The cashier told mama Dera how lucky she was and that she had only one game remaining to win the five million Naira; other games had entered. Mama Dera then took her slip and repeated her usual ritual of tying it on her wrapper as she made her way out.
7:00 PM, the scheduled time for the last match on her slip. Mama dera made her way to a nearby viewing center to watch the match. It was a very odd thing to find a lady in a viewing center watching a football match with men.
Mama Dera never cared irrespective of the fact that she was the only lady among the men. She had already gotten too used to them, to the point that she talked and relate like a guy to them.
While watching the match, the team that she had predict to win was already losing by one goal. She felt pained and frustrated more than other people that were watching the match. She felt this agony, not because she was a die-hard fan of the losing club, but because her five million Naira was at stake.
She found relief at the seventieth minute of the game, when the team she was supporting equalized
...and then the struggle continued but this time around she was less tensed with her fingers crossed as she watched them play. The viewers had already started concluding, that the match was going to end in a draw.
Other gamblers who staked the match for a draw were already dancing and cheering up that their game has entered; all what was left was for the referee to blow his whistle. Others who gambled for a win from one of both sides were already squeezing their slips, waiting for the last whistle to throw it away.
It was 85 minutes when a miracle happened. A goal was scored by Sanchez. The goal Mama Dera had been praying for; the breakthrough she had always dreamed of. Everyone cheered as he scored; few minutes later the match ended. Mama Dera whooped loudly and gave one of the lucky men a full body hug. She ran out of the viewing center to the partly uncompleted building and told her children to get ready that they were leaving this ghetto to a better place tomorrow, their life had just changed.

The End

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