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Lost In Lust (Episode 6) By Aniebiet Effiong

POSTED 06/18/2018 15:37
4185 Reads Lost In Lust By Aniebiet Effiong, short story on Tushstories
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After so many hours, we reached Lagos, University of Lagos to be precise. As we drove inside the school, the first person I sighted from the car was Rose walking with a guy. Rose was a runs girl back then in my secondary school days. She dated so many boys and as well had sex with all of them.
They used to know me as madam born again. But this time, I guess it would be a wrong name to call me. I was shown my hostel. When I went inside, I knew all my roommates. This was really a devil programmed plan which actually worked out.
Rose, Gift and Margaret, were all my secondary school mates and it happened that they all had plans to proceed their runs to the University of Lagos where it happened most.
"Why me and these girls?" I mumbled within myself.
Little did I know that my destiny was scuttled by Satan. After much thoughts within myself, I finally had to let go all the thoughts and go ahead with my life.
After exchanging pleasantries with them, Rose came back to me.
"Babe welcome! Mehn this is UniLag ooo... This na Lagos oh! Hope say you bin drop that born again thing for that side o?" she welcomed me.
I gave her a warm smile.
"How are you?" I asked,
"I Just dey ok" she replied.
The Rose I knew in my secondary school days never graduated into speaking pidgin and she was not rough at all, though she was a runs girl sleeping up and down with different boys and staffs.
"So when did you arrive?" I asked to know if she had been in Lagos for a long time.
"Just yesterday oh" she replied.
Rose seemed to be my closest friend there at Unilag. We were both law students and the same level – 100.
The following day, we had lectures by 9am at Law lecture Hall One (LLH1). By 7am we were already there for we heard some funny lecturers might reach the lecture hall before time. Lectures began exactly 9am. The lecturer, Barr. Lukeman David was a very handsome man who I guess was in his early 30s. I loved and enjoyed his class. I wished we had him all through the day. His beards were so attracting and he had a well molded voice.
After lectures, Margaret and Gift were already in our department for gist, this secondary school life did not depart from them even when they had departed from secondary school.
As days went by, I got used to the school's system and also to those friends of mine. That sexual drive in me grew stronger daily as I never hesitated to watch the porn videos in my phone.
After lectures one sunny afternoon, my friends met at their usual meeting point for gist. My friends Gift and Margaret were at it again. No day went by without remembering me that I was the only girl who never paraded about with my boyfriend or spoke about him. Rose had just given us a fascinating gist about her latest escapade with Daniel, her new campus boyfriend, and as always, they'd manage to turn the tables on me.
"I no sabi wetin Esther dey wait for," Rose teased.
"Maybe she wan remain virgin forever." Gift added.
They all laughed and I found myself laughing too. I remembered the sayings we used to say in my primary school days, "pretender does the worst".
These girls never knew I was corrupt, even more than they were but I didn't show it.
"Don't mind Esther, I think she's just a pretender" Margaret joined.
I smiled wondering how she got to know what I was thinking.
"I know it is just a matter of time before she wakes up" Margaret concluded.
I finally decided to do those things openly and stop hiding from my friends.
The aphorism that posits "show me your friend and I tell you who you are" became true on me and my friends as I joined them to a night club. I made up my mind to open my legs for any man that comes across over there. When we reached there, we went inside the night club.
"If I tell you say I love you, my money, my body na your own o" that was the lyrics of the music that was blaring inside, played by the DJ as people were dancing in pairs while drinking.
"Babe take care of yourself" Rose told me as they left me for their guys.
As I was standing all alone looking at them, I heard a voice behind me.
"Hi Beauty!" I quickly turned to see a very handsome guy who was 19 years I guess, he smiled.
"Hi!" I responded.
"I’m David" he said with his hands up for a shake.
"I’m Esther" I responded as I gave him my hand.
He took me to a corner where we were all alone, bought me drinks. We talked, talked and got used to each other. He gave me a kiss and began to romance me, romanced even the parts of my body that were supposed to be private till marriage. I never stopped him for I also had the urge. We had what felt like a lovely and romantic intercourse. That was how my story of being a virgin ended.


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