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Lost In Lust (Episode 5) By Aniebiet Effiong

POSTED 06/11/2018 15:17
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It was two days to the much anticipated examination. I became a bookworm just because I needed freedom. I switched my phone off and concentrated on my books knowing that if I made it here, I’ll use it over there anyhow I like. I tried to fight against those lustful feelings which had taken control over me.
"Father, I pray for success for my daughter." I heard mum saying that line of prayers every day from her room.
Finally it was the day for the long awaited examination. I strolled and entered the examination center without any anxiety for mum had warned and advised me against being anxious before writing any examination. I calmed my nerves as I walked into the hall which was filled with computer systems. After all the protocols and meeting all their requirements. I finally found my seat number which was seat number 176. Everything was in place.
When I saw the questions, I began to smile for the questions were below my expectations but at the same time I was cautious for so many people had written and failed the same questions which seemed simple. I was the third student to leave the hall. Deep inside my heart I knew I wrote it well.
When I came out, my ever-caring mum was there waiting for me at the gate. We boarded a cab and left. I wondered why mum decided to keep her car at home. But that was not the case, I waved the thought off my small head.
"So how was the exams? I hope you wrote it very well?" mum asked with seriousness written on her face.
"Yes mum" I answered with my mouth filled with smiles.
Within 20mins we were in the house. Mum alighted first before I joined her before the driver drove off. My hope of leaving the house to study at the University of Lagos and my fate was on the next SMS that will enter my phone. I went into the house, took a cool water from the fridge and then went to the bathroom to take a shower. I left my phone in the bedroom to take a shower. That was the first time I left my phone to take bath. As I was taking my bath, "Pim pim, pim pim" my phone beeped.
I heard my message tone from the bedroom. I hurriedly left the bathroom naked to check the phone, thank God no one was in the house then.
As I reached my room, with water all over my body, I picked my phone, unlocked it using my sophisticated pattern. After unlocking it, what I saw was,
"Congratulations Esther Benjamin! You scored 382 on your UTME"
I pressed the power button of the phone to switched it off and then I switched it on again to be sure. I checked my inbox and it was the same thing.
"Yes!!!" I yelled at the top of my voice like Blessing when she won 10m naira in who wants to be a millionaire.
"He has done for me, He has done for me, what my father cannot do..." I suddenly turned to Eka Itoro who used to sing worship songs every morning in our backyard.
Mum who was outside heard my voice and decided to come and find out what the happiness was all about.
"Mum I made it!", I shouted like a slave who finally found freedom from the hands of his master.
"What is it?" mum asked.
I unlocked the phone, opened the message from Jamb and gave it to her to read and see by herself. Immediately when she saw it, she knelt down and thanked God. She was so excited.
From that result of mine, one would be forced to think that I had a bright future ahead not knowing that it was doomed by the devil. After a while, i began to wonder why God allowed me to have such an excellent result despite my evil agenda and plans. Then I quickly remembered one of the sermons preached by dad saying that God is not the cause of our downfall or failure. Dad used to say that it is Satan who causes our failure and not God. But in this case, even the devil needed my success on this so I can proceed to do my evil deeds and plans at Unilag.
Few weeks later, I got a letter from the school about my admission into the school. That was how my plans worked.
"Wow! Am leaving here for Lagos" I rejoiced. I never thought of missing mum and dad.
The feelings never came at all. "Esther mbok when you go there study hard... Please do not keep bad company." these were mum's last words of advice.
A motherly advice which never touched me though i pretended to be touched by nodding my head and my mild and soft voice saying "Yes mum".
Dad advised, warned and prayed for me before I finally departed for Lagos.


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