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Hustle By Felix-Joe Chibunkem

POSTED 09/15/2018 14:33:13
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Photocredit: Buzor Chiaha (buzorpixel)
Location: Somewhere in Imo State.

Griirr… My alarm was at it again. I wasn't anticipating it to be so fleetly.
"Is it 5:45 am now?" I queried myself.
I wanted to sleep again. You know that moment you wake and feel like you woke so precociously and needed a little more sleep? That was my feeling. Emplacing my head back on my closed hands which has been serving as a pillow for days now due to the fact that rain soaked it last week, I realized I had notched only 9,700 Naira yesterday. I remembered Stanley last week used his day's pittance at Bet9ja and won 93,430 Naira. I jerked.

Straight to where I parked my load car (pushing truck) which for months now has been my messiah and as such, I won't let it yield until it has served it pretension.

"Uzo! Uzo!! Uzo!!!..." I vociferated.
The Old woman who should be analogized with the first snail I caught in my primary school. How she managed to clear out of the road still films like a Jet Li's regular tricks.
"Ewensu! Anuofia! Idiot! Ichoro í kill Me!! E no go beta for you" She maledicted.
Bitterly or not, I didn't care. I was used to that. I didn't see it as anything again.

"Madam you dey go?" I rushed to a robust but pulchritudinous in nature lady shouting quietly.
"Mba! Mba!! Mba!!!" She protested waving me off.
She was lugging many cartons of drinks. I perceived she was a retailer and she must need help to abet or a leg up down to Minas Market which is a provision market but she waving me off was kinda queer.
"Oh! My manner" I said within.

"No aunty! Sorry ooo!! That's our nature" I approached her with me wearing my innocent pitiful look on my face. "We are used to shouting in this kind of Job" I explained.
She wasn't even looking at me. She was busy romancing her phone with her ear.
"Making a call" I sighed. I decided to wait. We die here!!
"Your account is too low for the destination you're trying to reach. Please recharge as soon as possible or dia..." The Airtel girl with a pile mess voice was advising seductively.
"Aunty lemme go and buy credit for you" I dashed off. I bought the airtime with my money. Yes!! I've gotten her attention.
"So how much you go use carry all these things?" she said with an old pidgin with a cast that limned me an analphabetic benighted untutored idiot to her.
As down casted I was, I said "Ma Just 800naira". She didn't bargain. "Oya let's go" was only what she said.

"Uzo! Uzo!! Uzo..." I honked. The "Uzo" yell has been my horn since I started pushing. I always push with a smile smeared on my cheeks and lips as if the cheeks and lips were saying the "I do". I lived my job. I loved the hustle.

Night came. I needed rest. I went to my Zinc-made house near the pit where ndi-Agboro Imo used to stay. I laid down. With my eyes closed trying to rummage greener pastures with sleep, I realized I have failed a lot. I once told my mum that I will build her a house when I turn 21, I also told my dad who's late now that I will take him overseas and give him this world.
"I have failed but there is still hope as long as life is there winking at us" I consoled myself.
I stood up, Went to my drafted work timetable.
"Oh!! I will be a Bus Conductor"

God bless all the hustlers out there.
Keep hustling!!! One day our hustle go pay.
Bless up.

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