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How To Kiss A Girl In Her Prime By Daniel Ajayi

POSTED 09/24/2018 14:57
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(Look beyond your world) Be bold! Be yourself

The rain was more than normal today. With the clouded sky and breezy weather it was as if you should not come out of your home. I tagged the day “weather for two”. Michael and I was running late for lecture and we needed more than a motivation. We had to tell dad to drop his car keys so we could go on a cool ride. As we drove to a particular junction, my eyes caught the picture of a blonde lady. She was 6 ft. tall and had the attractive eyes of an angel. Let me couple it all by saying she’s gorgeous especially her groovy eight figure that made a woman.

She beckoned on us as the rain had drenched her sensual body. I did a little turn over and stop right in front of her.

“Hi, please can I get a ride to Leeway junction?” She asked.

Looking into her eyes was a yes for me. I smiled broadly and that gave an impression of a yes.

She hopped in and we went on our way. Michael looked at me and was like, c’mon man what’s wrong with you? First, her direction differs from ours.

Second, I was in her world so anything else meant nothing as I was willing to sacrifice by approaching her without any ulterior motive but to give her that great kiss.

(Touch and don’t grab) Be romantic! Mean what you say

“How are you?”? I opened the floor as both eyes met. “Well, my name is Alexander but you can call me Alec and this my gee, Michael.” I wanted to get a soft spot by touching something light. You know?

She responded immediately. “It’s nice meeting you guys. I’m Jessica.”

Before she could think of saying anything else I made a compliment. “Wow! Love the name but Jessica, mind if I call you Eureka?”

What I said made Michael smile at me like ‘you this guy you are at it now.’

Now listen, Jessica is not my prey and this is never going to be a hit and run or point and kill.

She inhaled and said “well I know the meaning of Eureka and I’m aware it rhymes with my name but why do just that?”

The question Jessica asked made me ponder what could lead me to my heaven because I’ve been silently praying for such.

“Jessica, it’s because you are my Eureka, the one I discover after my years of searching, I found you”

I could see her blushing only with that I knew I’ve found my way to her house of rest. But what’s so funny is Michael knew I found you was my signature as I already written a poem on that and it got publish on the New Yorker.

(Take your time) Be the man! Let her in

Jessica responded with a thank you and I followed up with always welcome.

I waited for some seconds and then asked if she agreed to me calling her Eureka. Not a word came from her but there was a big expression of a big yes.

We got to Leeway Junction, she hopped out.

“Alec and Mic, thanks for the ride.”

We both chorused “you are welcome”

She smiled broadly and was taking little steps further, walking sluggishly. I got down from the car, walked towards her direction and called “Jessica.”

She looked but was not surprised. There I knew I had to finish what I started.

I began with my last bow saying, “You know Jessica, it’s only a fool that sees treasure and throws it into the ocean.”

She responded, “Yes. Only a fool but you are not one of those fools.”

Before I knew what was going on, our body already breakdanced and we got hold of each other. She let me in with a passionate kiss.

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