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Hello, Mr. Right By Godwin Ebube

POSTED 05/06/2018 12:49
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It wasn't right to be wrong. Ambrose knew this well more than his younger brother, Emeka did. I'd fallen in love with a criminal who by all cost is desperate to take me captive. But this time, it was my mind he was after. And he knows what blows my mind off!
Ambrose and I haven't been good friends at all. No... Not even when Emeka told me that he (Ambrose) liked me a lot and would want me to marry Emeka. I knew all along this was going to be a lie. Ambrose doesn't even like a slice of my hand if I was a full chocolate bread. His pathetic brother, Emeka doesn't know any better but believes his brother is only giving him brotherly love by and by. That was how it all started - Emeka changed.
During my high school days, I'd met Ambrose severally. He was the President of our Departmental Association. He was President only because he knew who knew who. Not that he knew anything about the job, or even his lecture codes. He was crafty and his craft paid off for him again to presenting a false result to qualify him as an aspirant and successfully, (or slyly), for the post!
I contested against him. Yeah, it probably was the stupidest thing I did then. But, if I'd know him the way I know him now, I sure should have rounded up more supporters for him than talk hot into his face at the debate. The debate was funny. Ambrose kept laughing at all my points against his blueprint and how he promised to dash all students N10, 000 every three weeks. I called it "ridiculous” and innocently too, "stupid". After that, he looked me right into my eyes with his face fully frowned and spat...
It was a long long time before I woke up from my slumber amidst the laughter of the non-sympathetic audience. When Mr. Joe finally came on stage to help me clean up, I noticed I'd froze - my legs couldn't move - it was my first public disgrace, in my first year of high school.
I wept.
Although Ambrose was to receive a penalty for that misbehavior, well the department kicked the matter into throwing. I didn't contest with him anymore nor have my chance to make him pay for what he did to me - not until he was to be sworn in as the President.
I did something that cut his heart into pieces; early in the morning to the day of swearing-in, I locked him up in his one room apartment, with the new padlock I had got the other day from a store nearby school.
I didn't regret doing that to him, until I learnt his room had accidentally caught fire later that morning. I felt so terrible with myself. How could I have been so block-hearted to attempt killing someone who was already "anointed" to be President of the department association! That was my only regret. But I was happy he lost the position to someone else...
As I wanted.
Ambrose had been a beast after that incident. He talked to everyone in a harsh and hoarse voice. He wasn't laughing anymore if you talked against him but would rather spank you right about the very second you said "no" to his "yes".
I knew at this point that it wasn't right to be wrong. And I was sorry. But Ambrose never wanted me to be...
Emeka was my first lover. Or do they call it "boyfriend"? Who cares! He caught my heart with passion, and the very first day I met him at work, I liked him more than a colleague. Emeka was a new intake in the company I worked with. He was an amateur photojournalist. But his pictures registered a million beauty in my heart - maybe that's what being blind in love could mean.
The Editor always complained about his poor performance. I pitied him. He wasn't happy with this new job, nor with me. Soon I was going to change that - I hoped.
On a certain day, I called to assist him in the report he was to cover. He hesitated - and a bit annoyed. But for the mean time, I was his senior... Until love do us part. We talked about his experiences in his previous companies and his personal work, forgetting why we came to stand in the streets of Igbado with a digital camera and and a microphone.
It got interesting talking... So we didn't mind what was at stake... until the Boss called. My heart skipped twice faster than his. We had no story to show for, except for the one we were creating for ourselves - a boring version of first time love!
I knew boss wasn't going to smile at all. Even the I's knew this - we were later voted out of assignment for the next four months at the Board meeting soon afterwards. It pained him, I didn't cry. My smiles began to rise slowly.
It's been two and a half month since our suspension from work. We hadn't been lazy... I joined an NGO and became their Financial Officer. Well, on the other hand, Emeka wasn't working...but best as he though, he worked on pictures he downloaded from sites on the Internet to Photoshop and edit. He was literally feeding on my purse... But I didn't want to care about the weighty expenses we'd been running. I let him eat till his mouth refused to accept any more. I made sure he wasn't complaining. I made sure I don’t lose him to someone else. I wouldn't - I told him.
The first time I felt in love was now. I was 35 years old but not that old to feel loved. Emeka made sure I felt him intoto. He was passionate, but not too much of a compassionate fellow as I'd wanted. But if he makes me feel special around him and anyone else, then middle finger to being compassionate. I was happy with him and anything he did. I lost myself into him...until Ambrose reappeared that afternoon.

On that particular Saturday afternoon, I decided to retire from the day's work earlier than I should. The overbearing stress at work today got me dozing off intermittently while filing the bank report for the month. I decided to let it sleep, so I could probably get mine.
The usual and expected long traffic in Lagos wasn't any better this evening. I'd been in this bus for the past one hour still at the same point.
"Gosh! My buttocks! "
At last, the driver finally turned on the engine of the vehicle and we were right on with the journey. But funny enough, the long traffic was caused by a dead cow which was knocked down by a motorist by accident. According to what I later heard, no one dared touch the cow for the fear of the herdsmen attack. It wasn't until the Fulani man who owned the "late" cow, came with his brother to assist him carry away the body of the cow that the traffic cleared.
What a story! If only I was on duty now for our Media house - I could just have made an exceptional write. Well, it wasn't right to be wrong in the first place, I guess. I sure have learnt my lessons now...not in the bitter way, although - Emeka is still with me.
Getting home- it was past 7pm. I'd been totally exhausted, and the very best I needed right now was to go right into bed and rest. Sure I was going to do just that... Until I heard people laughing in Emeka's sitting room.
I know Emeka does not have friends than the neighbors that moved in two weeks ago. But they don't visit him (or us) by this time of the day... only at noon. I was beginning to get grouchy at this time - who the village people wanted to spoil my mood this evening!
"I say who the hell are they!?"
Who? Ambrose Echeta?
I felt like dropping slump just there. Ambrose and I hadn't spoken since high school. I was told he dropped out just a semester after the election. And his friends kept pointing at me for being the cause. I didn't bother much...
Until now.
"Ambrose, where have you been? Gosh! What are you doing in 'my' house?" I asked.
"Long time no see, Susan! I've been hiding where you cannot padlock me anymore, you know." Ambrose devilishly said.
"Oh, right. I see. So, how may I help you now? What do you want?" I almost shouted.
"Calm down, honey. I'm not that bad anymore. See... I've grown much older. You think I'm still crafty? Nah... That was child's play. Give me a seat at least" Ambrose grinned.
"You can have all the seat in the house, if you like." I uninterestingly suggested.
At this point, Emeka was getting annoyed. I hadn't even greeted him when I came in and now I'm exchanging "pleasantries" with a stranger.
"Hey, hey, hey, wait a minute first.. Susan, do you know Ambrose, my elder brother?" Emeka surprisingly asked.
Oh my world! Someone pinch me five times, please! I couldn't answer that question. I just didn't know how and what to say. But I knew Ambrose wasn't any ready to let me escape this one. Gosh, I should have known it wasn't right to be wrong. Now it's all my fault. So wrong.
Ambrose was shattering my dreams of ever marrying Emeka, his younger brother and my heartbeat. Even though he consented to our marriage, I knew he was fully engaged to pay me back for what I did to him in high school. I knew... I know Ambrose.
Emeka left me soon afterwards. It pulled down my very self. It killed me inside. He wanted to respect his brother's suffering which I caused. He wanted to join forces with his brother to hurt me. Yes, I was hurt, like though in a boiling pot. I burned slowly in the fire of rejection and heartbreak. It was my first time. It was all I'd fought for...but losing it right now. But I kept wondering if Emeka loved me as he said. Could I have been that bad that he wasn't able to forgive me?
Worst of all the sad trail of events that's broken me into bits and soaked biscuits, is that Emeka had a girlfriend before me. But I'm not concerned about him having a girlfriend before me or not. Ambrose said Emeka killed her while he was angry with her over a fight they had. Emeka has a very terrible temper. No, he wasn't compassionate. I bring down my middle finger.
Although Emeka didn't kill me as he did to that girl, but he did something more than murder. He made me feel jealousy to the full when he kissed Diana, the girl I told him I admired her body so much. He kissed her like he'd never kissed me before. It was passionate and surging deep. Although she couldn't understand why he suddenly did that to her, I collapsed right there when I visited him the other day to apologize. He knew what blew my mind off! This time, he took away my mind captive... He knew that always killed me. He knew...

Ambrose didn't lie- he'd changed. But I couldn't forget his pay-back. It was more than I could chew. But I've moved on without him and his "loyal" brother, Emeka. I'm back at the TV station now. I hope not to see another captor. Not even prince Charming. Now, what I want is to write. Yes, write the wrong and right...until my heart heals.
"Yes, sir! In five minutes I'm done with the story!"
I have a story to submit.

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