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Had I Known By Jacqueline Uketui

POSTED 09/20/2018 14:27
1051 Reads Had I Known By Jacqueline Uketui, short story on Tushstories
Still dazed by the question, I began thinking should I? Should I not? Should I just do this one thing for her? But what would become of us later? What if someone finds out? But does it matter? I finally get the chance to do something for Lori but should I just give up just because…

Lori and I have been friends since our childhood days and now we have grown into young ladies. We seem inseparable but I keep asking myself has that time finally come when we should walk on different paths.

No I can’t lose her I mustn’t…

“Em Lori, I think you should take things easy. Are you trying to make me an April fool in September? But lesbianism? That’s way too far girl” I said as I turned to face the standing mirror. Suddenly I became conscious of myself.

“Look I know it’s hard to believe because I actually kept it away from you for years but I think the time has come to let you know who your best friend really is.”

“So what you say right now is that you are, em a lesbian?”

“Yes” she answered confidently.

In the aggravating despair, I wondered about all the devious and evil acts in this world, why did Lori go for lesbianism. Lo knew very well that lesbianism was a grave act in our potters eye and also not acceptable in our community.

I decided not to cede our friendship at the same time not to give in to the nasty act she was inviting me into.

“Lori,” I said, “I think it’s time you gave up on lesbianism. For the sake of our friendship”

Then she went on and on and on about how she was pleased with it, how she derived joy from it and that no Jupiter could waver her decision. In anger I stormed out of the room. My house was a stone’s throw away so it didn’t take up to 5 minutes before I entered my room.

The next day, after eating, I went to her house to wait as usual before we both left for school. To my surprise her parents told me that she had long gone to school. Disappointed, I left when I got to the school I saw her but something was different, yes something was definitely different. She had carried her desk to the back instead of beside mine. I wondered if this was as an aftermath of our discussion yesterday but still I pretended like everything was fine.

During recess, I saw her gisting with some other friends. I tried to get her attention, she turned and started walking towards my direction. I was happy that she had finally decided to talk to me since after our discussion but to my utmost surprise she just walked past me like I didn’t exist. I felt humiliated as the others watched. As expected she didn’t wait for me after school, so I left on my own.

“How to help lesbians” I typed.

What I saw seemed impossible. How would I counsel her and cajole her into giving up on what gave her joy? It was like depriving her of her joy, she would forever remain unhappy with me but it was the least I could do for her to save her from the clutches of the world. Knowing fully well that she wouldn’t want to see me, I sent a letter to her through her parents but that was the gravest mistake.

Her curious mother read the letter and fainted. Her only child, a lesbian? Of course! Why shouldn’t she be shocked? But I, being illiterate of the knowledge, I left for her house to counsel her but what I saw surprised me. Her still shocked mother was being consoled buy some women. Her sad father upon seeing me just shook his head and looked away.

I excused myself to see Lori and immediately her mother’s wails increased, I raced through the corridor leading to her room. I didn’t bother to knock of course. What else would she want to hide as I entered the room my whole body went numb immediately I was brought back to reality by a drop of my tears.

Lost in thought, I remembered when we just became friends after Lori relieved me of pain by removing a splinter in my right thumb. I thought life was going to be rosy afterwards. I had always fantasized us getting married on the same day to brothers in our spotless white… But then here was Lori, dangling from the ceiling. Her once beautiful face was now pale and white and cold like stale bread. Her long black hair had lost its luster “oh what a waste, I thought it was then I noticed a conspicuously piece of paper in her pocket. With trembling movements, I moved closer, took the paper and of course, there was a note. It read;

Dear Harley,
You might never get to read this letter but even still, I’ll write. I thought you were a friend but now I know I never for once believed the saying that humans are scary but their actions are but now I have come to realize how true that is. I blame myself for telling. I thought you would actually do this for me, but no instead you told everyone the truth. I curse the day we first met, I curse the day we became friends. I will never forgive you although I’m gone now, we will surely meet in the next.


Now it wasn’t just a drop of tear. It was two and three and…

I regret ever giving her a “no” for an answer. I regret ever having such discussion with her. Now I’ve lost a good friend not just losing but losing her to the devil . I am literally the girl who murdered her friend.

Oh! Had I known…

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