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Diary Of A Poor Boy By Adetayo Omotoyosi

POSTED 09/13/2018 13:47:13
1155 Reads Diary Of A Poor Boy By Adetayo Omotoyosi, short story on Tushstories
Seyi and Ife had been married for five years now, with no issue. Running from pillar to post, taking locally made herbs and concoctions, which produced zero results. After many courtesy visits to different hospitals that ran test as if it was a competition, it turned out to be a fruitless adventures.

The pressure from Ife's Mother-in-law was getting much wave like "Wizkid's Soco." Her mother-in-law, also known as ''Mama Kofoshi" - meaning "Woman that does not tolerate Nonsense," was already on her neck to give her a grandchild.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks got swallowed by months. And in December 25th, that happens to be Christmas Day, when Ife woke up in the morning, she was feeling dizzy. She started vomiting. Mama Kofoshi, was staring at her, wondering what was happening to her this early morning. She moved closer to her and asked her in Yoruba language -"Kilode, Kilaturigbo bayii?"

Meaning- "what happened, which one do we hear this time around?"

Ife muttered in silence, and told her that she's feeling dizzy. Mama Kofoshi in her wisdom, looked at her blurry eyes, checked her palms and in a swift reaction, raised her voice which attracted the attention of Seyi and their neighbours.

Seyi dashed out from the living room, he saw his mother and wife together with some of the neighbours already standing by. Mama Kofoshi, as it is typical of Yoruba women couldn't hold back her happiness, as Yoruba music flows out of her mouth like the period women experience every month.

When she was done singing and dancing, she was asked what happened, she declared that her grandchild was on the way because Ife is pregnant. Seyi’s happiness was of no small measure as he ordered for kegs of palm wine and told the crowd that gathered to take some cups for themselves. He later asked them to come in the afternoon for food and more refreshments. The woman at the centre of it all - Ife was bathed with tears as she remembered the years of her childlessness and the insults and ridicules that came with it. She has never been pregnant before and this was her first pregnancy.

Three months after, Ife woke up one morning, feeling alive and healthy. She was on her way to the farm in company of her husband to harvest the cassava they planted some months ago. On their way, a conversation ensued between the couple, Ife asked him what name he would like to give to their baby when she finally delivers. Seyi buried himself in silence and after some minutes, sighed, and pronounced that he would like the name of the baby to be "Darasimi" if the baby turns out to be a girl, and "Oluwafemi" if the baby is a boy. Ife obviously carried away by the conversation, kicked a big stone and...

In a desperate attempt to save his wife from falling, Seyi braced himself to grab her and prevent her fall…

To be continued.

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