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Colourful Tears By Chioma Nnaji

POSTED 10/03/2018 15:17
1235 Reads Colourful Tears By Chioma Nnaji, short story on Tushstories
You crept frightfully under the bed even when you knew he would find you. Your heart pounded against your chest, many question without answers raced through your mind. Sunlight streamed into your view through the little space underneath the bed.

The stench of alcohol hit your nostrils and dizziness enveloped your being. The smell reminded you of that night at Aba when "pregnant chief" forced you to bed and stole it; the thing you had been preserving for so long.

You had felt ashamed of yourself for being weak but what could you have done. Madam had threatened not to give you the daily pay except on that ground. You got even a lesser pay after that; she had said 'when business boom I will pay the rest' with a smile that made you wish you could snuff out her life.

You did not return the next day even when she threatened to send Poison, the notorious guy after you instead, you ran off to the park. You were grateful when the kind yellow aunty in pink lace picked you up and took you with her to Onitsha but now, you cursed the day you met him; yellow aunty's husband.

Initially, he had been very kind and sympathetic with you. You were happy that now you've found a home until that night when you thought the silly cockroaches were on your body You woke to find 'brother' caressing your thighs. He warned you never to tell yellow aunty about it. He had squeezed your small buttocks so hard it brought tears to your eyes.

He came again the second time and now that aunty is away, he has come for daily bread. You wept silently when he staggered straight to the bed, bent low and clutching your thin legs, pulled you out languidly. You watched your clothes being ripped apart by the monster and tears began to flow again. He roughly pulled you by the hair to the bed smiling that devilish smile you always imagined the devil had while taunting Job.

You pleaded with your eyes but he pretended not to understand but instead began thrusting, painfully forcing you to stare shamefully at the mirror opposite the bed. You cried, shouted but no one came to your rescue; finally you resigned to fate.

Your eyes were open but you could only see the walls swirling in circles. He got off you, staggered to the door and fell to the floor in a deep sleep. You lay helplessly looking like a worn out clothYour heart bled; how could they have abandoned you? You thought, you could not even boast of a family; what a shame!

Slowly, you got up, picked your shreds and walked out the door not knowing where you were heading to but deep down you knew you were headed for some where better. You saw the birds of the air and suddenly felt jealous. When will you be this free? You thought. The birds became your mentor and you swore to be a good 'mentee'.

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