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All That Glitters By Agatha Johnson

POSTED 05/20/2018 19:17
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During my childhood, we lived in an area where we were separated from the 1st Class citizen of the country. We were seen as poor not because we could not afford our basic needs but because we did not wear, use or have the most expensive things. We normally envied them so much that some of us tried to make with them but could not.
I was a very brilliant student and was opportuned to be in the same place of worship with some of them. In our church, every August, a day was set aside for the children to celebrate and during this occasion, our report cards were submitted for the selection of some children for prizes. The selection was usually based on the most brilliant and the positions considered were from 1st to 3rd.
On many occasions/ years, I received prizes usually with 1st position while others followed. All along, I did not know that I was being watched and admired until the day one of the 1st Class citizen's child walked up to me telling me that she would like me to be her friend. Eh eh! My friend? A 1st Class citizen's child my friend? Wow!! I have arrived!!! I told my mother about it and she said it was okay as far as we were always studying together. And then, our friendship kicked off.
Our schedule was simple; after school, lunch and after that, a short trip to my new friend's mansion.
The house was so big that I felt that I would be swallowed in it. I knocked at the gate and waited. As the gate squeaked open, I stole a glance into the mansion as if I was not even going inside. I greeted the gateman, told him who I came to see and as he asked me to wait, I continued my admiration of the mansion. After a while, my new friend came out from behind the house looking lovely in a floral dress.
She greeted me with a sweet smile and asked me to follow her and I did. Who wouldn't? As we walked round the house, I kept wondering when we will enter into the house but I didn't think for a long while when we stopped abruptly in front of a smaller house and she opened the door. She asked me in and I went in thinking to myself; this should be where our lessons will be going on and I silently prayed that I earned her trust enough to take me to the mansion. After our lesson that day, I went home dreaming of being taken into the mansion.
After a few trips to the mansion, I realized that my new friend's family were just employees who enjoyed the comfort of a good employer and then did I realize that all that glitters are not gold.

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