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Fierce (Prologue) By Paula Oko

The hairstylist was tugging her hair, the makeup artist was putting finishing touches on her face, a man was yelling behind her and there was a correspondent from one of these fashion magazine trying to catch her attention. Her heart was doing somersault and beating so fast you could hear if you will only listen. This was a moment she has being waiting for. It was yet another milestone for her to achieve in her career, for a long time she thought she would never get the chance and had already lost hope of ever achieving this feat especially at her age. At 32 in the modelling world you were already considered a grandmother but here she was modelling the fantasy bra for this year's Victoria Secrets show.
"Its time miss Ehi" a young lady with accented English said
"OK" she replied and stood up not minding whether the stylists were through or not
"My bestie about to shut the stage down" she heard from behind her as slender arms wrapped her in a warm embrace
"you know we have been waiting for this moment right? At least one of gets to achieve this dream"
Turning around to kiss her best friend on the cheek "Yes Mani I know and I bet you next year, you will be the one in my shoes. How was your walk?" she asked
'All good, the cameras loved me but the men loved me more" replied her best friend of over seventeen years.
"You will never change" she said. Holding hands with Mani helped calm her nerves as she walked closer to the stage, from where she was she could hear the music from one of these teenage popstars who was also one of the musicians headlining the event this year. "I guess this is it people" she said to those around "Knock em dead babe" Mani shouted and blew her a kiss.
Taking a deep breath, she stepped forward and the combination of the crowds, cameras and music just made her feel like a princess whose dream was coming to life, she took each step carefully while savoring every single moment, she wasn't about to let any mistake or error share the spotlight with her. She made sure every tip and lesson she ever received on how to walk was in play.
Once she got back stage, she hurriedly changed into her clothes and left the building, she knew they were interviews to do but at the moment she really wanted to be alone. Her bodyguard took her through the backdoor to her waiting car and drove straight to the hotel. She walked through the lobby in a haze and was relieved when she entered her room. She brought out her phone and saw seventy missed calls and lots of messages. She was too tired to get into that now, she switched off her phone and threw it on the bed. She headed for the bathroom and had a quick shower was and fast asleep as soon as her body hit the bed.


She woke up the next morning disoriented for a bit, one would think that since she made a life flying from one country to another, she would get used to waking up in different hotel rooms but human seems to have a mind of its own. She had a quick bath and brushed her teeth before ordering for breakfast. She switched on the TV in the room and tuned to an entertainment network to watch the news but most importantly to see the highlights from last night's event and see what the people were saying about her.
Just as she was about to seat down the news anchor read a breaking news that made her heart skip a beat.
"no, no, no this cannot be true" she muttered to herself but she could see it was.
There was a video of a paramedic pulling out the body and she could see the face now. "Noooo!" she screamed before everything blacked out.

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