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Twisted By Faithlyn Williams

This was the last thing she needed this evening, Olivia Bitter thought to herself as she reluctantly rolled out of bed after receiving a call from her mother. Today was supposed to be her work-free day, and she wanted to spend it alone, under the covers. Now she wished she had put...continue

Insomnia By Chuks Obinna

THE SECOND time I stared death in the face, albeit from a distance, was when my wife died. The first had been my father, and I hadn't known him much.
For the past two weeks I'd been coming to St. Tonia Memorial hospital. And each...continue

Fog By Chuks Obinna

The Supreme leader, Pok Mak Loho, stood in his large chambers watching the orange sun as it began its decent. He was not alone. The elders of his council each sat quietly in their seats; all eight of them.
He turned around and faced...continue

Secret Betrayal By Uduakobong Clement

I got admission into the University to study pharmacy. I had to stay off camp because I wasn't used to staying with lots of people in the same room. The cost of a room off campus was too expensive so I needed someone who I could share with to split the rent. I found...continue

The Civil War By Ohanado Uche Erudite

Gunshots and echoed screams filled the air. The sound of blood spills and battle cries were all I could hear. It was an unanticipated strike, it wasn’t even supposed to be a strike at all, we were ambushed or rather backstabbed by our enemies who proposed a truce. I guess this...continue

Follow Fierce By Paula Oko

The hairstylist was tugging her hair, the makeup artist was putting finishing touches on her face, a man was yelling behind her and there was a correspondent from one of these fashion magazine trying to catch her attention. Her heart was doing somersault and beating...continue