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Withered Dreams By Aniebiet Effiong

POSTED 05/20/2018 19:13
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(Light opens on Ikenna standing where the wife was buried a week ago, singing and lamenting with a flower in his hand)
Sweety o ole ebe ino o,
Honey o ole ebe ino o.
I've been searching for you o,
I've been looking for You o,
Bikonu, biko, ole ebe ino o
I am a dirge with shattered lines,
Somewhere in my heart, the moon has gone missing,
Like the Ramadan moon.
Of what taste is a soup with no salt - tasteless!
Of what meaning is life without You - meaningless!
I've lost the alpha-bets of myself,
To the broken wind of thoughts.
I thought they used to say,
That a man's destiny cannot be taken away from him.
How come mine has been snatched away by death in a broad daylight? Making me to puzzle out myself,
In the gloomy side of life.
My days are clad with darkness,
Dark nights have come to stay,
My dreams have turned nightmares.
How can I see the light of a new day,
When You had followed death to his abode?
Whose words shall soothe my heart?
Whose voice shall comfort my heart?
Who shall call me 'Ike my love'?
I lost the memory of the road to the stream,
I now bath in the showers of my tears,
And drink from the salty water cascading from the brooks of my eyes.
(he goes on his knees)
You promised to stick with me like a bamboo,
You promised never to leave me.
I thought we were meant to be forever.
How come You are now married to the sand?
Life is now a bed of thorns,
The roses left with You.
The music of my life has lost its harmony,
All I hear is a discord of broken notes.
The flowers I plucked for You have withered,
The letters of the poem I scribbled for You have dissolved into the air of mischief and agony, The only words I see is 'I love You'
For my love for You can never fade nor wither.
Its hard to say 'Rest in peace'
For these words we said to Papa,
Who hasn't returned.
Sleep on my love.

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