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We Didn’t By Emmiasky Ojex

POSTED 06/20/2018 12:43
1665 Reads We Didn’t By Emmiasky Ojex, Poetry on Tushstories
We didn’t ask to be born
into this house of more pain and no fun
a home of penury from dawn till dusk
we think it’ll not have been this much
if the on top just remembered to purchase that which is called a condom.

But then, the deed is done
and the baby is gotta be born

The man responsible heard and started to run,
Till his legs took him to another part of the world, or so he thought.
Simply because all he’s got, isn’t enough for even one,
but the thought of accompanying two more, really wasn’t an option.

Our vehicle to earth,
saw us both, smiled and decided to follow the way through death,
She preferred to join the dead, than pay her earthly debt
yeah, she killed herself

Dad’s on the run and mom’s gone
we’re staring at our innocent faces in this village’s small hut
Brother said “Don’t cry, we too cannot die, it’ll just cause more hurt
let’s just see it as the will and note of our lives scribbled by God”

“We’ve got to live for the world to hear our story,
to make the sons of men know that it’s not everyone who’s got what they need
and not everyone can make what they want, real”

We’ve gotta make it out of here successfully,
for we didn’t ask to be born but since we were,
Let’s not die as just a dot in humanity, but a trend
Let’s live well, grow up to healthy men,
for we are children of beggars but we’ll die, fathers of great men.

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