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War For Right By Favour Okoye

POSTED 09/25/2018 11:57
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The wind screech like a woman in labour
The sun hide under the light blanket of the croud
The moon sat whispering and muttering words unknown
The ozone layer stoop like a beggar in its shabby garment

I can recall as I was told
That the men of old toiled under the moon and the sun
Notwithstanding our life span is three times theirs
The pride is gone and doom is come
Man's brain is now his life's drain
Now death is the trophy for those that last long under the sun
The sun, the light to the earth have become a slayer in its armor of fire

To nurture earth is thy mandate oh man
But life you suck from it.
The moon is too shy to light up its beautiful lamp,
Cause its privacy is lost before man.
For man without fear tread where angels refuse to tread.
The wind fly man to the great beyond,
Powered by the green eyed monster.
Its pious hopes of gaining favour before man have become a Chimera.

The ozone layer, embraced in its royal rag.
Enduring man's spear and arrows of invention,
Striving hard to uphold its shield,
The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.
It’s ready to quit
For man's not worthy to be acquit.
Man shall stand and taste the meal of guilt.

To shout I will, my voice I'm ready to submit.
To man I plead, for the embrace of nature.
A nobody I am, with voice that makes no sound.
But I judge not nature of its war for right.

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