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Wait For Me By Adekunle P-pen

POSTED 09/26/2018 13:23
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You are grave of roses with hidden love yearning for expression
A clean river flowing from the cloudy sky
That nourish my soul with high delight
You are the memory of a dream I had about someone I can call my wife.

I have found in you rare combinations - wisdom, beauty and increase
I love you as the poet loves the poetry he is destined to write
The times I spent with you is my picture of what eternity will be
I know you are longing to obey the call to motherhood.


My love. Wait, give me this year:
To be the man that will be worthy of your sweet respect
To be that confident man you can call ‘’my husband.’’
To develop that nature our children will call ‘’daddy.’’
To become the person that can play the role of a father.

Honey, wait for me to:
Make plans. Plan that will reduce pressure we will face in the future
Be someone that will make you an indispensable treasure
Be that guy that will see you as something better than a tool for pleasure
Grow in kindness, I want to love you without measure.

Sweetheart, don’t be held by chains of haste
Let me roll back the cloud and bring back the memories
Of when we used to walk in the light leaking from the moon-torn sky.
Sailing in the cool wind to that ‘’our’’ mango tree.
Where we hold hands, looking deep into each other, waiting for time to decay.
Dearie hope you have not forgotten. Just give me this year.

If you wait for me:
I will feed you with the bread of affection to show you I care.
I will be that faithful man that will buy your unconditional trust.
With kindness and understanding I will lead you into God’s prefect plan for our life. And finally.
I will make love with you in a way you won’t moan,
Because our honeymoon is the place where the sky meet the sea.

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