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Kill Men Like Vampire By Elias Paul Onah

POSTED 05/16/2018 15:03
1953 Reads Kill Men Like Vampire By Elias Paul Onah, Poetry on Tushstories
Gone were the days when men were afraid of God.
Nowadays, God is afraid of men.
Gone were the days when men were afraid of of God's punishment.
Now, is either God is tired of punishing men or his mercy has overwhelmed his justice.
Or should I say he is now afraid of punishing men?
No, he is just simply sparing the time to gather enough coal
For the outright annihilation of humanity.

The table has turn up side down. God no longer punish men for wrong doings.
Men now punish God through their evil deeds.
Gone were the the days when the name of God was held sacred in the mouth of all.
Nowadays, men use God's name to commit the highest atrocities ever.

Gone were the days when men were afraid of rapture.
Nowadays, rapture is afraid of men.
Men now use the word 'rapture' to crack joke.
God's angels of destruction are afraid of destroying men for fear of their own destruction.
They are afraid of their leaders sending soldiers to go and conduct Python Dance on their heads.
Angels too are afraid of men.

Men no longer fear God.
They fear their fellow men more than God.
God now fear men.
Men have dethroned God and taken his place.
Man has now become God to man.

Men have mistook God's leniency for incompetence.
But today, just today, while I was complaining about God's overindulgence.
I heard him saying,
"My son, my foolishness is wiser than the wisdom of men.
Vengeance is mine and at the appropriate time,
I will pay each man according to his deed.
Rapture will come, and when it comes, it shall kill men like vampire."

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