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Tragedy Of Silence By Nelson Chigozirim

POSTED 10/09/2018 12:33
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Silence is the fire that breeds in your heart
The stones that sits in your sister's eyes
When your look into them
They are the demons hiding under the halo of your brother’s hair
Memories your mother wears under her foundation
She tells you silence is golden.
No man ever marries a talkative woman
because the things that pours out from her mouth
spits forth magma
So the day boy showed you the knife
before sneaking into the sacred grove
that was your privacy,
silence silenced your lips
Afterwards, it nursed the bitterness with the same color of your pain.
Silence is the language your father used to return greetings
On days when his chi woke him up on the bad side
There are times when it turns into rage
And your bodies becomes silent witnesses
Silence is what they teach the boys
If they're to mask shame
so they kiss fire with their tongues
And make pain a thing of beauty.
Everyday you watch your brother
Pocket his sadness into his wallet
The weight of it, sagging his jeans to the buttocks
Today, you watched in silence from your window
a hawk do a little dance in the air
before it swoops on a brown chick with a deformed leg
The mother hen does nothing but scream
You feel shame spread over your face
by the audacity of this hen to even scream.
at the way your own voice are drowned in silence
You cried.

You cook pepper soup for your man
The day you decided to unleash silence from
the pit of where they came from,
where they have been
he slaps you for too much salt
You want to leave your palm prints on his face
But your hands feel heavy and alien
You try to scream at him; only bubbles forms
Maybe this is why your mother wore her silence with makeup
Because they have made home in us
And it chokes to push them out.

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