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To My Undefiled Mistress By David Lein Victor & Collins Adolf

POSTED 05/08/2018 13:14
2577 Reads To My Undefiled Mistress By David Lein Victor & Collins Adolf, Poetry on Tushstories
I wish to live young forever.
To be your guardian whenever.
Look me up in the sky wherever.
Even if it rains in MAY weather.
I promise to keep you warm like your sweater.

How sweet the melody.
Come swim in the ocean of this rhapsody,
and I promise you'll forever be healthy.
I crave to hold you tight,
and bring you closer to my thigh.

Alas! My days are numbered,
Yet your beauty is so abnormal.
"Shall not we make love till we heed the sounds of the trumpet?"
Like my question is so amoral?
That I am imprisoned for this truth amidst thy red coral.

Go not to the middle of the jungle.
Save me cost to hire a Zephyr to dangle
and locate your irresistible angle.
I crave for us to mingle,
please come back for my jingles.

They say: only bells do the jingle.
I beg you believe me when I scream "I love you!"
For truly, this process is no riddle.
Only if you grant me entry into the sanctuary of your middle.
Then shall my soul perpetually fizzle.

Would the gods of the earth hear my plea?
Shall he grant thee thy love key?
That thee should unlock the moment of thy blissful spree?
"A thousand years shall I beseech thy replies"
Tis thy creator cause us to jolly for forever.

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