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Those Days By Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim

POSTED 09/03/2018 14:03
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I remember those days destruction,
made by those heads whom are like rodents
That destroyed our country's only sack,
To satisfy their selfish interest
They forget that they are the representatives of Allah,
They embezzled public money
And fly away,
Leaving us with empty stomachs
In the country

When we can't say no,
When they said 'yes'
Even if we say: they don't hear,
Because they attached their ears to earpiece of devil...
We are left behind always repeating A
In terms of progress and development,
While others have said Z,
beating drums and celebrating achievements

Our heads are travellers, they do pass us
Riding eleven convoy of elephant,
That never know potholes
moving towards the land's heart
Accompanied by the security siren,
while we trek on foot on that narrow road,
with our bare foot clashing with stones,
Just to save our dear lives.

They sleep under air condition
Inside their big mansion while we sleep under the tree
I have not forgotten those days,
when destruction was a daily activity
When streets were silent like a cemetery
Not even when the sun goes away for darkness to come

Even mosquitoes don't cry,
cocks forget crowing in the dawn
Sheep forget bleating at sun rise,
Children’s mouths were muted by the vibration around,
and gun rattles
Only their voices of destruction are heard loudly,
The depressions, destructions and confusions
Are indeed unforgettable

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